Sensitive Information/Data Collection

Modified on 19 January


If you need to collect sensitive information, such as Social Security Numbers, or Driver’s licenses, RunSignup offers the ability to store this information using 4096-bit RSA encryption.

This means that RunSignup will generate a Private Key for the race and this will be the ONLY key that will unlock the stored data.

IMPORTANT: No one else, including the administrators of the database at RunSignup, will be able to decrypt your data.  So if you ever lose your Private Key, then the data cannot be decrypted, and will be lost forever.

If you would like to use this feature, then please contact us at, and let us know what you would like to use this feature for.

Once we email you back to let you know that the feature has been enabled, then you can begin setting up this feature for your race.

To easily jump to this feature’s dashboard setup page, simply begin typing “data” into the Search bar of the dashboard, and after you have typed in at least three letters, search results will begin to show below the box.  Select Sensitive Data Collection from those listed below, and you will be brought directly to this feature’s setup page.

You can also manually find this feature by going to the Race tab, clicking on Registration, and opening up the page for Sensitive Data Collection.

This tutorial will cover:

Setting Up Sensitive Data Collection

Once on Sensitive Information Collection page, it is important that you read everything written here.

As mentioned before, to store sensitive information, RunSignup will need to generate a private key for you.  Once this key is generated, you MUST keep this key safe and protected. If you lose this key, all of the sensitive data that was collected CANNOT be decrypted, so you will lose the data.  With this in mind, begin by clicking on the button for Generate Private Key.

You will then see a pop-up box that let’s you know that:

  • The private key should be generated by the person who should have access to the sensitive data.
  • It should not be shared with anyone except those that require access to the data.

If you are the person who should have access to the sensitive data, then click on the button for Generate Key.

The step you are on now is very important for the setup of this feature.  Make sure that you copy the entirety of the text found in the pop-up box, and save it in a secure spot.

IMPORTANT: You will NOT be able to download this again after closing this popup.  So make sure it is copied and saved before closing this box.

In addition to copying and pasting this information, you also have the option to click on the button for Download Private Key, and this will download the private key as a dot txt (.txt) file.

Once you are sure that you have this key saved in its entirety, you can close this pop-up, and the fields for Sensitive Data Collection will be opened up for you.

Sensitive Data Collection can be set up event by event.

For each event, use the checkboxes to decide which information you would like to collect.

This can be Social Security Number, Driver’s License, and/or Passport.

Please note: This tool is not HIPAA compliant. It cannot be used for uploading medical documents such as proof of vaccination.

Once you have all of these fields set up as you would like, then click on Save Settings, and a confirmation message will let you know that the changes have been saved.

Now, if you view your race, and test the SignUp process (as explained here), then you will see that the sensitive data collection fields are now included during registration.

Viewing Sensitive Data

In order to view the sensitive data that has been collected for your race, simply click on the button for Download Participant Data.

In the pop-up box for Download Data enter in the Private Key, which you saved during your original setup of your sensitive information collection.

Once the key is entered in exactly as it was given to you, then click on Download Data, and your sensitive data will be downloaded as a CSV file.

Resetting Your Private Key

If you ever forget your Private Key, or need to reset it for some reason, then you do have the option to PERMANENTLY remove all of the collected data, and reset the private key.

You can do the by going to the Race tab, followed by Registration, and then opening Sensitive Data Collection. You will click on the link shown on that page.

Next, you will be asked to indicate that you want to delete ALL sensitive participant data and reset the private key for this race by clicking on the check box.

IMPORTANT: This means that you will lose all of the sensitive data that you collected from participants so far.

If you are ready to PERMANENTLY remove and lose this information, then you can click on the button for Reset Data.

After resetting, you can always set up a new key, by following the steps in the first section of this tutorial.