RunSignup allows Race Directors to add multiple custom URLs for their race. Read on to find out how to secure a shorter and simpler URL for your Race!


RunSignup allows you to enter 5 custom Race Website URLs for your Race. You may enter in up to 5 URLs for this race. To add a Custom Race Website URL to your Race Website navigate to Race > Race Page > Race URL, then enter your desired URL into any of the 5 text boxes below.

URL Restrictions


The entries in these fields must only be letters, numbers, underscores, or dashes.

No Full Web Addresses

Do not enter a full website address here, i.e. is not a valid URL segment.

Auto-Generated URL Tags


When you define a Custom Race URL there are a few helpful URL tags that will automatically work for your new URL.

Link Examples

For instance, if I entered "therace" into one of my Custom URL fields, all of these links will point to their respective pages automatically.