Building a Better Race Website

Modified on 14 March

Webinar Follow Up & Recording: Build a Better Race Website

Thank you for registering for an installment of RunSignUp’s Webinar Series: Build a Better Race Website

As mentioned during the webinar, you can view the recording here.

For your reference, some notes and links:

You can find recorded webinars on many RunSignUp features in our library here:

How-To and help resources for the platform are here:

Your initial Race Website is built automatically when you create your race. If you're on your newly created race website, click on the profile avatar at the top right of the page to get to your race dashboard - that's the backend that you'll use to customize your website and edit race information.

Hints for easier navigation:

  • You can return to your website at any time using the "View Website" tab at the top of the page.
  • Use the "Search" at the top of the dashboard menu to find a feature easily, without remembering the navigation path. Simply type in what you're looking for, and matching menu options will come up. 


Locations for Website Updates:

Race >> Race Page >> Theme

Update the look of your website including:

Race TemplateDe:Select Legacy of Full Screen Template (this webinar reviews the Full Screen Template

Design & Layout Tab:

  • Hometown Hero Image Layout: Select Default Layout (Race title and info over your image) or Alternative Layout (Race details above & below the image).
  • Race Name Display: Select Race Name display options.
  • Header Color: Change your header color (the options here will vary depending on your race theme colors).
  • Navigation: Your race menu defaults to adding a "more" item if you have more menu items than fit on the header. If you have many menu items, you can opt to permanently keep that open to keep them visible.
  • Fixed Header: Opt out if you do not want "SignUp" and "Donate" (if you collect donations) to be visible on your page at all times.
  • Event Display: Select Grid or List.
  • Footer: Choose to display (or remove) the logo from the footer.

Social Media

Homepage Custom Content

  • Tagline: Add a Tagline to personalize the appeal of your event
  • Countdown Clock: Add a Countdown Clock for urgency

Color Scheme

  • Update your color scheme - select a pre-set one, or create your own with colors from your event ("Add a Custom Color Scheme" at the bottom).

Race Logo

  • Add or update your Logo

Race Banner Image

  • Choose a pre-formatted banner that fits the style of your event, or upload your own custom image.
    • Images must be 1200x400 pixels. You can find free tools online to help crop or resize an existing image. One example:

Race >> Race Page >> Custom Content/Pages

Content created here can be displayed on the Race Info page on your race website, or can be used as it's own page.

  • Section Heading is what will display as a menu item title and/or a header to the section.
  • URL will direct users to another page.
  • Participants Only makes the content visible to only registered participants.
  • Content is what displays on the page (or section). Use the image icon to add mid-page, editable images!
  • Attachment: Add an image or PDF (displays at the size uploaded).
  • Embed a video (YouTube or LiveStream) or Widget: Use an embed code to display content from a video or widget on the page.

Race >> Race Page >> Custom Content Display


Use this to determine:

  • custom content that shows up directly on the race website
  • custom content that becomes it's own page as a menu item
  • custom content that becomes it's own page as a sub-item under another menu title

Race >> Race Page >> Menu Order

Use this to rearrange the order in which your content shows in your menu. Simply click, drag, and drop menu items.

Race >> Race Page >> Layout

Use this to rearrange the items on your Race Info page (main page). Click, drag, and drop to move sections up and down, and "Save Order".

Race >> Registration >> Event Display Options

Use this to demonstrate additional value to your participants.

  • Event Highlight is a short note to make that event stand out - for example, "Best Value" or "Beginner Friendly"
  • Event Registration Description adds additional information that will show under the event title during registration
  • Event Details replaces the generated text for event details in the events table

Sponsors >> Setup >> Display

This gives you choices for where to show your sponsors on your race website. You need to have Sponsors setup for them to show on your page. For more info on setting up and displaying sponsors, you can find a webinar on the Sponsor platform here.

This webinar is part of our series of Webinars. 

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