Whenever any user creates an account on RunSignup.com, a Profile page is simultaneously created for that person.

The Profile page allows users to modify their personal information, keep track of and manage Sub-Accounts that exist under that Main Account, review and edit the race registrations that exist under that account, and is basically the hub for all of the activity you have done on RunSignup

Accessing Your Profile

1) Click on the SIGN IN link at the top of RunSignup.

2) Enter in your login E-mail and Password, and then click SIGN IN.

3) Go to your Profile by clicking the Profile Link at the top of the RunSignUp page (depending on which page you are on, the link may be in different locations on the page, as shown below).

Exploring Your Profile

A)    Profile Information

B)    Edit Profile Button

C)    Sub-Account Selector

D)    Running Log (only visible if you have set up your Running Log)