Claim a Membership

Modified on 17 June

Claim a Membership

Why Claim a Membership 

If a club director imported you as a member into their membership organization, then you will want to claim the account with the membership in order to access the membership. 

This is because when you are imported, a separate account is created with your membership details. This separate account is not attached to your existing RunSignup account just yet. Because of this, you will not be able to see the membership under your profile. This is why you must claim the account with the membership to move everything under your existing profile. 

Once this is done, you will be able to view, manage, and renew the memberships under your profile. 

How to Claim a Membership

We try to match information like name and email and offer to claim accounts by members logging in and going to That page is also available from the profile page of all RunSignup users.

When you claim, you can merge with your existing account or add as a secondary account (this option may be used if your kids are members for example).

When you merge with the account, you will pick the fields to merge.

Once claimed, the membership is available from the profile page by clicking "My Club Memberships" under the Account Links box.