Access/Manage a Sub-Account

Modified on 04 September


What is a Sub-Account?

A sub account refers to any RunSignup user who used another individual's primary account to complete a transaction (ex: the registration process, donation, race store purchase). Therefore, sub accounts do not automatically have an account of their own to access.

If you are currently a sub account on a primary account, then the most likely reasons you will need to access your information would be for modifying your account information, or resending your confirmation email. While secondary users can be converted into their own account, as is explained in "How to Create an Account from a Sub Account", often times it is more convenient to keep the sub account under the primary account.

Access and Modify Sub-Account

In order to set up access to a sub account, begin by logging into RunSignup as the primary account holder, and go to the Profile page.

  1. Sign In to RunSignup primary account
  2. Go to your Profile
  3. Select the Sub-Account profile name you wish to access
  4. Click on the Edit Profile Button
  5. Make any changes to the account. You can edit all of the information that you entered in for this Sub-Account. Be aware that these changes will be reflected in all races that this Sub-Account was used for.
  6. When you are finished making changes, click Save, and a confirmation message will let you know that the Sub-Account changes have been saved.

Make New Account From Existing Sub-Account

If a Sub-Account on your Profile does not already have an existing account on RunSignup you can create one for them from this Sub-Account by clicking Create Separate Profile for this Sub-Account from your Profile.

To create a separate account for this user, you must provide a unique E-mail and password for this user. Enter this information into the following page and click Create Account.

If you receive an error stating that the "E-mail address already used by another user." it means that this email address is already in use and you will need to Transfer this Sub-Account to the already existing account instead of making a new account, or use a different email address for this sub-account that is not being used by editing the Email field.

Remove Sub-Account From Primary Account

If you need to completely remove Sub-Account on your Profile you can do so by using the Delete Sub-Account option.

This function does not delete the account from RunSignup completely - it simply removes it from being associated with the prior account, and does not set up a new password for it.

Users will still be able to claim this account in the future if they would like to gain access to associated registrations and memberships by following the instructions here.

Transfer Sub-Account To Another Existing Account

If you need to transfer a Sub-Account to another existing account you can do so by using the Transfer To Another Account option.

This function assumes that the email address that you enter has an existing account with RunSignup. If they do not already have an existing account you will need to use the Make Own Account feature instead.

Note: This function is not intended to transfer registrations from one person to another. This can be done by managing the registration here.