Custom Source Tracking

Modified on 09 July

What is Custom Source Tracking? 

Custom Source Tracking is a major feature for RaceInsights.  It gives races the ability to track the ROI on specific campaigns – such as Facebook ads, race promotions on other sponsor or running store websites, or emails sent outside of the RunSignUp email marketing system.

For instance, if you want to put up posters around town, and see which one is the most effective for bringing registrations into your event, then Custom Source Tracking is the feature for you!

How to Set it Up:

To set up a custom source, simply go to Promotion > Source Tracking > Source Tracking Codes, and then click on the button for Add Code.

Next, add a Description for this Code, and try to be as specific as possible.  For instance, the location where you will be using your code (ex: Facebook, a poster at a bank, a homemade sign on your lawn, etc), as well as the date when the code was placed in this location.

Then, set the Amount Spent on the promotional element (ex: the price of the Facebook Ad, the cost of the poster/flyer/banner); and this can be set at $0 if the promotional element was free (ex: a general Facebook post).

Click Create Code, and you're ready to start sharing that link!

Under the Links column of the table, click the Link Icon, and you will be able to copy the link and/or QR Code.  We recommend copying/saving the QR Code for any printed promotional materials (signs, flyers, banners, etc.).  You can then incorporate these coded links into your promotional materials, and the reporting will do the rest!

See it in Action!

As an example, Bob posted this Facebook Ad one morning for the "Scott Coffee Run",  and he used a Custom Source Tracking Link:

Our reporting lets us know that this ad brought in 8 registrations, a return of $166.75, giving Bob a ROI of 1567.50% on his $10 boost (pretty good!):