Result Credits

Modified on 21 November

RunSignup has a system of credits for results publishing which are called Result Credits. These credits are broken down into two types - Standard Result Credits, and Notification or SMS Credits.

How to get Result Credits?

All Races that use RunSignup or GiveSignup for registration will now automatically have this as a FREE available service.

All Timers in the industry can now take advantage of RunSignup’s RaceDay Results at no charge and are able to utilize any scoring or registration platform.  Although… RaceDay Scoring is the future of scoring and something timers should be considering, if they haven’t already started the transition. 

Timers who purchase the RaceDay Suite License will now have access to unlimited TXT messaging of splits and results in addition to unlimited integrated RaceDay Photos – even if registration is on another platform for a race. Timers may use RaceDay Scoring, the Race Director, RunScore, Agee, RMTiming or any other scoring platform alongside RaceDay Scoring to issue results and photos. 

Note: If you're interested in publishing results via Text/SMS messaging, then the RaceDay Suite License is required and can be purchased here.