Once you've set-up your Race Director database, the next step is to establish a link with the RunSignUp race. Linking your race will enable you to:

  • Download Registrations
  • Upload Registrations
  • Publish Results
  • Utilize the result kiosk functionality from within Race Director.

This tutorial will assume that you presently have the event set-up within RunSignUp.

From Race Director, go to Tailor > Options > Partner Set-Up. Select Race Director Go (RSU) as your integration partner:

Choose Integration Partner

Next, enter the RSU ID and RSU password. Once entered, click "Assign":

Assign Integration Partner

Race Director will now prompt you for the year that your race takes place in. This will only show events that take place in that particular year:

Set Race Year

Next, select the appropriate RSU Event from within the list of events:

Select Event

You'll see the RSU Race appear below the RSU User ID signifying that your race is now linked:

RSU Race Linked