Mobile Timing App - Backup Timer Dropbox Integration

Modified on 26 July

Dropbox Integration in Backup Timer Mode

Timers can now use RunSignup’s free RaceDay Mobile Timing app as a scoring backup tool. Timers can use timing data files created in the Backup Timer Mode automatically sent to Dropbox as they are being recorded. Backup Mode does not require you to set a start time, and will always record the times in time of day, like a chip system would. The timing data can be imported into scoring software like RaceDay Scoring and The Race Director as a simple way to manually record times in lieu of using a chip system if you have a low-density timing point that you don’t want to bring gear out to. The Dropbox integration is only available for Backup Timer Mode.

To enable, follow these steps.

  • Open the app. and select Backup Timer.
  • Select the Race you want to record backup times for.
  • Select which Events you will be recording times for.
    • This will determine which bib numbers are available to you when using the BIb Grid Recording Method.
  • In the Mode Selection view, tap the Dropbox icon in the top right to log in to Dropbox.
    • This will create a folder with the name of the Race in your Dropbox Account under a Mobile Timing App folder.
  • Once logged in, set the Location Name you are recording times for.
    • This will create a sub-folder in Dropbox that uses this Location Name as the Folder Name, enabling you to use multiple devices for different locations within a Race.
    • After setting the Location Name, you will see the Dropbox icon start pulsing blue – an indication that your timing data is currently pushing to Dropbox.
  • Select Recorder Mode, and enter bibs/times as usual.
    • You can edit bib numbers or delete times in recorder mode by tapping the bib number and swiping left to delete times.
    • Note: In Backup Timer Mode, you are able to record multiple times for a single bib number (unlike other modes), so that you can use the app as a backup solution for lap race timing points, where you need to record multiple passings per person.

Once you are finished, use the save icon in the top right corner to complete the timing, and log out of Dropbox. You can now view the data in Result Mode, make adjustments, and email the times, but none of those changes will go to Dropbox.

1). Tap Dropbox icon in the top right to get started.

2). Login to Dropbox and confirm permissions

3). Set Location/Folder Name

Dropbox Folder Structure

The folder structure created at Dropbox will look like this: Dropbox\Apps\RaceDayMobileTiming\{race_name}\{location_name}, where {race_name} and {location_name} are your actual Race and Location names, respectively.

A RaceDayMobileTiming folder within an “Apps” folder will be created on your account if it does not already exist from some other integration.

The RaceDayMobileTiming folder will contain folders for any Races that you have used Backup Timer for.

Within each Race folder, will be folders for each location you have set up devices for.

Within each location folder, we will store the actual timing data files, with a device identifier and the date/time that the file was initially created.