What is Protecht Regshield?

Modified on 05 April

All information provided on this RunSignup Help Page is subject to change, but we will try to make sure it has the most up to date information from Protecht Regshield.  Information as of April 5, 2023.


What is RegShield? 

RegShield, a FanShield product, is registration protection for event participants who can opt-in to purchase RegShield with one click during checkout while on your website. When participants purchase registrations, they are excited about their upcoming event, but unexpected circumstances can happen. RegShield lends peace of mind by reimbursing the cost of their registration price, should they be unable to attend their event due to several covered reasons including accident, illness and family emergency. 

How does one get coverage?

Add-on coverage is offered during the checkout flow where consumers have the option to add or decline coverage with one click. The consumer cannot move forward with purchasing their registration(s) unless one of the options is selected. 

NOTE: By default, both options are empty until a selection is made.

Participants may not add coverage after a registration has been purchased.

The cost of coverage is quoted during checkout and will be a percentage of the total registration order cost with a minimum price of $2.99. The cost of coverage in most cases will show up as a separate line item. Consumers will also receive a separate confirmation email from RegShield that discloses plan details.   Note:  Since a customer can decide to cancel registration within 15 minutes, RunSignup waits 30 minutes before sending the order to Protecht.  Therefore the email confirmation from Protecht will be delayed.


While RegShield protection applies to all registrations within the order, a unique plan is assigned to each individual registration. Coverage is inclusive of non-registration items associated with that particular event, which require participants to attend the event to receive those items. 

Coverage varies slightly based on the location of the plan holder. Within the United States, policies are underwritten by Amtrust, and international policies are underwritten by JSV.


Although consumers purchase through the RunSignup website, RegShield is a third-party entity, and all plan-related questions should be directed to FanShield via the following channels: 


Outside U.S./International: help@fanshield.com, or help@insuranceinsight.ca for Canadian customers

Phone: 1-844-849-4827 EXT. 1, or 888-828-1866 for Canadian customers


How does a consumer file a refund request?

Filing a refund request with RegShield is easy. We recommend selecting the “File A Refund Request” at the bottom of the confirmation email. Alternatively, the consumer can visit the web page below:


For the best experience, it is recommended that a desktop or laptop computer, rather than a mobile device, be used when filing a refund request.

To qualify for a reimbursement (U.S.) or refund (International), all requests require supporting documentation as proof that the covered reason (“peril”) occurred. Required documentation is determined by the peril for which the consumer filed. For example, a doctor’s note would be required for a refund request relating to accident or illness. If a refund request is filed for a covered peril and contains the correct documentation, the refund will be approved, and the consumer will be reimbursed for the covered amount on their plan.

How long is the refund request process?

Once a refund request and appropriate documentation is submitted, the process takes approximately 5-7 business days.

How long does a consumer have to file a refund request?

For a domestic plan, the refund process must be initiated within 30 days of the first occurrence of a covered reason. For an international plan, the refund request must be made within 45 days of the event.


Does RegShield offer refunds if an event or registration is canceled or rescheduled by the venue or ticketing/registration company?

NO - RegShield does not offer reimbursements or refunds if an event is canceled or rescheduled by the venue or promoter. RegShield reimburses a consumer should they be unable to attend their event due to covered reasons. RegShield is registration protection, not event cancellation protection. RegShield is designed to lend the greatest peace of mind to the consumer, should they be unable to experience their registered event due to covered occurrences. 

Does RegShield offer refunds if a person has general work or personal conflicts and is no longer able to attend their event?

NO - RegShield does not offer reimbursements or refunds for any general employment or personal conflict.  RegShield covers scenarios that stand in the way of the participants making it to and experiencing the event – it is not by ticketholder’s choice; rather, it is by obstacle. They want to go, but cannot due to one of various covered reasons. The coverage is conditional. For example, IF the participant’s vehicle breaks down and IF that malfunction prevents them from attending the event, only THEN can they file a claim.

What does RegShield cover?

To view full plan coverage terms/conditions, please visit: 

Domestic: https://www.fanshield.com/plan-map 

Outside U.S./International: https://www.fanshield.com/world-map

Can RegShield protection be added AFTER a ticket/registration/reservation 
is purchased?

NO - Consumers may not add RegShield coverage after purchase. RegShield protection is only available for purchase online during the consumer’s initial checkout for their ticket/registration/reservation.   

Can RegShield help with changing the date, time or any other parameters of my ticket(s)/reservation?

NO - RegShield does not have access to consumer reservation/ticket purchase details and cannot make any adjustments. FanShield can only assist with qualified, consumer reimbursement/refund inquiries 
under our plan.


Please reference the information found within this document to assist consumers. If there are additional questions that have not been addressed within this document, we are here to help! Please ask the consumer to contact our Consumer Liaison Team at help@fanshield.com or 1-844-849-4827.