Create a Radio Button and/or Select Menu Question

Modified on 23 January

Radio Button and Select Menu

If you would like to create a question with preset responses similar to the check boxes, however you want the registrants to choose only one response, then make your question type either “radio button” or “select menu”.

When you select either “Radio Button” or “Select Menu” as your Question Type, a field will appear in which you add a possible response to the question. By clicking “Add Response”, you can continue creating response fields until you have all of the possible responses that you need set up for that question.

The responses can be rearranged by using the up and down arrows, and you can delete any of them by clicking on the corresponding “X”.

The only difference between “radio button” and “select menu” questions is that “radio button” questions will display their responses in a similar format as the “check boxes”, and the “select menu” questions will list all of the responses in the form of a drop down menu. Again, they will both only allow for one selection to be made.

Here is the difference in look between a Radio Button question, and a Select Menu question: