Create a Check Box Question

Modified on 23 January

This help page focuses on creating a specific type of Registration Question.

You can learn more details about How to Add Registration Questions here:

For a quick guide to the question creation section, go to your Race Dashboard,

then open up Race > Registration > Questions > Add Question.

Check Box

If you select “Check Box”, a field will appear in which you need to add a possible response to the question.  By clicking “Add Another Response”, you can continue creating response fields until you have all of the possible responses that you need set up for that question.

The responses can be rearranged by using the up and down arrows, and you can delete any of them by clicking on the corresponding “X”.

By creating a question with check boxes, you allow registrants to select any number of responses to your question.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to only use check boxes when you have questions for which more than one answer can apply.

Setup (Director Side)
Usage (Registrant Side)
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