Add Registration Questions

Modified on 11 January

How to Add Registration Questions


After you have completed setting up your race using the wizard, you can customize your registration process by adding questions if necessary. Questions can also be customized to be asked during corporate team creation, and are similarly available for use with corporate team registration.

To add questions to your race registration process, or corporate team setup, go to the “Customize” tab of that race’s dashboard, click on the subheading for “Questions”, and then hit “Create a Question”.

Question Setup

We have predefined Standard Questions that you can select from. By selecting a standard question, you can make registration simpler for registrants by allowing RunSignUp to pre-fill responses to the same standard question from other races.

If you are looking to add your own questions, click on the "Add a Question" button.

This automatically creates a Custom Question field for you. You can enter your own question on the "Question" field.

After filling out your custom Question, you will need to select the appropriate Question Typefor your question.

You can find explanations for each of the various different Question Types at the following links:

Free Form

Check Box

Radio Button Select Menu


Time Entry


Once you have a question type selected, then you will find the following options for each:

Required Questions / Ask Each Member

After you have your question type selected, the next step is to decide whether or not this question is essential to the registration process. If you leave the “Require Response” box unchecked, then the registrant will have the option to either answer or skip the question. If you check off the “Require Response” box, then the registrant must answer this question before moving on with the registration.

The next check box refers to how questions will be handled in instances where more than one member is registering during a single transaction. By leaving the “Ask Each Member” box checked, the question will be asked of each of the members who are registering. If the “Ask Each Member” box is unchecked, then the question will only be asked once for the entire group.

Note: In instances where the “Ask Each Member” box is checked off, members can still choose to skip the question unless it is marked as a required question.

Image Upload

If you have an image that you would like associated with your question, then you can upload it by clicking the “choose file” button. You can hit “clear” to remove the image prior to saving your changes.

If you have already saved an image in association with a question, and you would like to remove that image, then simply check the box marked “remove image”, and “save” the changes.

Internal Questions

Enabling this option will hide the custom/standard question from being asked during registration. The use case for this would be if you want to stop the questions from being prompt but not delete the questions.

Question Specifications

Using the check boxes provided, questions can be assigned to either corporate team captains or specific event registrants.

Underneath the label for “Corporate Team Only”, you can check off the box to ask this question to team captains when creating corporate teams.

Underneath the label for “Ask for these events”, you can decide which event or events will have questions asked of its/their registrants.

IMPORTANT: If a question is not assigned to any particular event’s registrants or the corporate team captain, then the question will not appear anywhere.

Additional Details

This allows your insert additional information about the question being asked. This is useful if you are looking to ask a more technical question to participants and you feel that the participant may answer the question incorrectly. Additional details can be entered for your question which may help the participant better understand your question.

Completing Question Setup

If you have would like to add additional questions, click on the green "Add a Question" button at the bottom.

If you are you reorganize the questions, then click on the Up/Down arrows located next to each Custom Question. You can also drag and drop the questions using the left-hand dots icon to re-order them.

Finally, don't forget to save your Question Setup and changes by clicking "Save Questions"!

Question Logic

After you have your questions created, you can set up Question Logic as explained in this tutorial.