As an official charity program partner, your charity name, logo, and URL will be added to the backend of our registration platform, RunSignUp. 


In addition, the main charity contact will be added to RunSignUp as a charity coordinator. This will let you set up a payment account to directly accept donations, and give you access to view your charity settings, donation reports, and fundraiser information. 


 When your charity is added, you will receive an email with an invitation to claim your access. 

  • If you are a returning charity to RunSignUp, you will be able to view the charity management dashboard from your RunSignUp profile under “My Charities”

  • If you are brand new to RunSignUp, you will receive an email prompting you to create a RunSignUp account, claim the dashboard access and set-up your charity payment account. 

                   1.  Learn how to create a RunSignUp account here.

                    2. Learn how to set up your payment account here.

  • Once access is claimed, you will be able to view your Dashboard like the one below:




  • There are two steps you will need to complete before your charity will be live on RunSignUp and ready to accept donations and fundraisers:
    • Set-up Your RunSignUp Payment Account
    • Customize your Charity Page, Confirmation Emails, and settings

Charity Management Dashboard


There are a variety of things you can do from your charity management dashboard

  1. Donation Summary
  2. View Payments
  3. Access Control
  4. Payment Account Setup
  5. Offline Donation Entry
  6. View Fundraisers
  7. View Associated Races and Edit Charity Settings


As a Charity Coordinator, you able to see a quick summary of the donations you have received for your race. You can also click the DOWNLOAD DONATIONS button to view a full donation report with donor information. 


Financial >> VIEW PAYMENTS: 


In the View Payment Section, a quick summary of the payments will be listed (screenshot 1). You can click on PAYMENT DATE link to see a detailed list of each donation in that payment with the donor information and payment amounts (screenshot 2)

Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2


Financial >> ACCESS


As the main Charity Coordinator, you can give additional people access to your payment, . You have the option to give someone full access or read only access. 



This is where you can set-up the payment info/address for your charity payments.  

  • If you are a returning RunSignUp charity, confirm your payment account information under “Existing Payment Account Details”


  • If you are a new RunSignUp charity, click the green CREATE NEW PAYMENT ACCOUNT button to create your payment account and confirm your payment options.


If you are looking for more information about the payment account set-up process, here is a video tutorial with step-by-step instructions:

If you have additional questions about the information that is required for the payment account set-up, please read RunSignUp’s payment facilitator FAQ page:

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Once the payment account is setup and approved by RunSignUp, you will be able to configure your payment options. These options include payment on a weekly or monthly basis, check payments, direct deposit payments, payment holding.



If access is granted by the race, you will have access to enter your own offline donations and assign them to an individual’s or team’s fundraising page. Click on Offline Donations>>Click on the Race Name>>You will have the option to enter the donation information and tie it to a fundraiser.




Charity coordinators can click on the "View Fundraisers" link to see a list their fundraisers, link to their fundraising page, fundraiser contact information and totals raised. If enabled, you can also view fundraising team name, team captain, and t-shirt size.

DASHBOARD >> Race List

  • Click EDIT next to the name of the race


  • This is where you can customize the information for your charity: 
    • Charity Name 
    • Charity URL
    • Charity Logo
    • Charity Description – This is the text that will appear on the main charity page. This is the text a fundraiser might see if they click on the charity logo for more information. It is important to customize this text to engage fundraisers or prompt them to donate to your cause.
    • Confirmation Email Message – If a runner or supporter makes a donation to your charity, this is the email they will receive. You will want to customize this section to include your organization name, address, tax ID, gift matching information, etc.
    • Default Fundraising Message – When a fundraiser creates a fundraising message for your charity, this is the text that will automatically populate on their fundraising page. This is the page they will share with friends/family members, so try to customize a message that will prompt donors to support your cause.
    • CHARITY GOAL- Charities can set their donation goal at the bottom of this page