Manage Your Charity Partner Facebook Fundraiser Integration

Modified on 04 September

Races can enable a setting that allows the Charity Partner(s) to enter offline donations. This setting can be found in the individual Charity Partner setup page: Race Dashboard>>Donations/Fundraising>>Charities. (Click on the charity name to edit permissions).

If this setting is enabled, Charity Partners will be able to view all Facebook donations under Financial >> Manual Donations on their Charity Partner Dashboard.

Every Charity Partner that enables the Facebook Fundraiser API Integration will also be able to view Facebook donations in the dashboard by going to Financial >> Donation Summary, regardless of the permissions given by the race. Click Download as CSV at the bottom of the report.

The export shows Facebook Donation in the First Name and Last Name columns, along with the donation amount and the date when the donation was made on Facebook. 

Additionally, the race will be able to view Facebook donations across all Charity Partners from the Race Dashboard by going to Donations >> Manual on the Race Dashboard. This report will show the Charity Partner name so that the race can easily distinguish which Facebook donations are associated with each Charity Partner.