Triathlon Tools

Modified on 05 April

TriSignUp is more than just a logo! Join us to walk through the waiver options and registration tools that make Triathlons easy.

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As a recap and reference guide, here are the quick paths to finding some of the key features we discussed.

USAT Integration

The USAT/RunSignUp integration is designed to streamline the process of purchasing and/or verifying USAT membership by keeping it all in one single path.

To include the integration:

Financial >> Pricing >> Memberships

Best Practice: Set by event (if not all are USAT sanctioned) or all events (if all are USAT sanctioned). Do not setup on both all events and each individual event (this will enable double verification).

Use event ID number from USAT (or search for ID within RunSignUp if you do not have the ID number at hand).

What your participants see...

Within the registration path, users are prompted within registration to select one of the following options:

- Put in USAT number for existing membership
- Buy one-day USAT license
- Buy new USAT membership
- Renew USAT membership
- Upgrade one-day license to USAT membership

USAT Waiver Process

You do not need to insert the standard USAT waiver; it is included automatically with the USAT integration.

Waiver Reports

Reports >> USAT Reports 

For any purchases through USAT: money goes directly to USAT.

Admin Reports

Reports >> USAT Reports >> Membership Summary

Report Shows: Types of memberships sold plus revenue. Enter paper entries to update totals for USAT Membership reporting.

Reports >> USAT >> Participant Waivers

Report Shows: Registration ID, participant name, signed date and IP address for all registrants. This information is all shared with USAT so they can access waiver data automatically.

Sign Later Option: If you opt to allow waiver signing later (most often to allow relay teams to be signed up by a single team member), you can require signing at a later time either online or via physical waiver.

To email participants with unsigned waivers:

Email marketing >> USAT >> Participant Waivers

Click the green Resend Emails button to automatically send an email to participants that haven't signed the waiver. This does not always have a great opt-in rate, but can help get waivers signed; ask your account rep for assistance with this process.

Setting up Triathlon Relay Teams

Race >> Race Wizard >> Step 1 - Basic Info

Create Event (or events) named Triathlon Relay

Participants >> Group/Teams >> Setup

Create Team Type (Relay) with description for how teams register for relay, and set specifications for gender, size, etc.

Relay Team Pricing

Participants >> Groups/Teams >> Pricing Setup >> Add Registration Fee (under Membership Registration Fees)

Most common method is for the first team member to pay the full team price, and have everyone else register for free. To set this up: After member 1 joins group, each will pay $0 (for teams with overall team price). You can also elect to have each member pay separately.

Age Calculation Based Date

Race >> Race Wizard >> Step 2 - Events

Set the age of your participants automatically to calculate on 12/31 of the current year. This way when a participant enters in their DOB their age at the end of the year is automatically calculated according to USAT rules.

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Watch the recording of RunSignUp 301: Triathlon Tools