Races and Events use Corrals to control the flow of runners through their Starting Line and keep faster runners in the front and slower runners in the back.  RunSignup has a Corral Assignment Tool to automatically assign corrals based on their Estimated Finish Times.  Corrals can also be used in other ways, for example if your race has Waves and Finish Time is not a factor but you want to control how many participants start at one time, in this case, users can select their own Corral (or Wave).  

To Set Up Corrals, navigate to Go Race Day > Corrals > Set Up Corrals


Corral Name or Number* and Corral Start Time* are required Fields.  

Corral Description is for Internal Use. 

Max Number Per Corral (Total) - This is not required, but will be used to determine when the Corral is Full and participants will roll to the next available Corral. 

Applicable Events - Some races have Corrals for their main event but not all events. 

Estimated Finish Time - Use this Minimum and Maximum Finish Time to determine who will fill in each Corral 

Max Number Per Corral (Per Event) - This is not required, but will be used if you have a cap on the number of registrants in each corral by Event. 

Add New Corral  - Select this button to Add a New Corral/Wave. 

Estimated Finish Time Question - You can set up a Min/Max time for the Overall Race here, this will ask each Registrant to enter their projected Finish Time.  This will create a question in the Registration Path and will be used to determine Corral assignment by Finish Time. 

Min/Max Times - Fastest and Slowest possible Finish Times

Time Verification  (provide URL to results)  - You can require a Registrant to provide proof of Finish time with a link to Past Results of another race. 

Corral Migration Tool - This can be used if you are setting up Corrals after registration has opened. “This tool allows you to convert a custom question for estimated finish time to the field used with corrals”.

Corral Assignment During Registration - Choose how you would like to assign your Corrals. 

Default: Do Not Assign During Registration - See section below if you would like to manually assign corrals

Automatically Assign - The system will assign the Corral based on the Estimated Finish Time that they enter. 

Allow Users to Choose - The system will provide a Dropdown of the available Corrals for the Registrant to choose from.

Enforce Minimum Time Requirement - With this setting, the system will verify the user is selecting a Corral that correctly aligns with their entered Finish Time if they are choosing their own Corral. 

Corral Estimation Tool - This is a Projection Tool that can help you estimate the size of your corrals or set the finish time ranges based on the approximate corral sizes you want.  It is just to assist you in managing corral projections, you do not have to use it.

Manually Assigning Corrals

If you would like to Assign Corrals Manually after Registration is open, you can navigate to:

Go Race Day > Corrals > Assign Corrals 

Assign Corrals by Estimated Finish Time - Use this option to assign corrals to participants based on their finishing time. (Note, that this question would have already had to be turned on to use this method). 

Options: Reassign All Corral Assignments (if you want to reset your Corral Assignments)

Options: Ignore Corral Size Limits (if you want to Overwrite your Size Caps)

Default Corral: Designate the Corral to use a ‘Catch All’ for any anomalies in the corral assignment. The default corral is used when there is no estimated finish time, the estimated finish time does not match a corral or all corrals the registration could fit into are full.

Assign Corrals via CSV - Use this option if you want to assign Corrals in a Custom way.

Create a .CSV with at least two columns: ‘Registration ID’ and ‘Corral Name’

  1. Download Custom Participant report that included Registration ID

  2. Sort on your Custom Filters to assign Corrals

  3. Add a new Column, ‘Corrals’, assign Corral Name to each registrant

  4. Save spreadsheet as a .CSV

  5. Upload file into RunSignup

Assign Bibs By Corral

If you would like to automatically Assign Bibs Numbers based on Corral Assignment, you can navigate to:

Go Race Day > Bibs > Assign Bibs & Chips > Assign Bibs & Chips at Registration Time


This option will allow you to enter up to two separate bib ranges per Corral, within each

Event.  When a registrant is assigned to Corral, it will also be assigned the next available bib number within the Event and Corral. 

Corral Management

If you would like to allow your participants to be able to update their own Finish Time or Corral, you can turn on Corral Management by navigating to:

Participants > Participant Management > Corral Management


Allow Estimate Finish Times Updates - If a participant decides they will finish at a different time and wants to move up or back a Corral, allow the user to update this from their own RunSignup Profile. 

Allow Corral Updates - If a participant decides they want to participate in a different Corral or Wave.  This is only allowed when users can choose their own Corrals during Registration. 

A participant would follow these steps to update their own Time or Corral:

Login to RunSignup > Profile > Manage Registration > Estimated Time/Corral 


They would then make the appropriate changes and Save.   This will update the database and will save you time on Customer Service in the long run.