Invite Others To Join Your Group/Team

Modified on 01 September

Team Captains can easily invite friends and family to join their team with Team Member Invites. Emails with a customizable invitation message and a direct link to join your team can be sent via RunSignup or your personal email so that your friends can easily sign up for your team.

Invite Your Friends and Family To Join Your Team

There are a couple of advantages to using this. First, we automatically add the person’s name to the email, which is more personal. Second, if they click the link in the email, it will auto-populate the start of the registration page with their name, and the team selected.

Here is a sample email:

To invite your friends and family, access your RunSignup Profile, select your Team and under the Join & Share section on your Team page, there is now an option for Team Captains to “Invite Friends.

When you click “Invite Friends”, a pop up will let you customize your invitation message and enter the names and email addresses of the people you would like to invite to join your team.

You will be able to select whether you want the invites to be sent from RunSignup or from your personal email.

If you send from a RunSignup email address, the emails will be sent from “[Your Name] via RunSignup <>". This is the simpler option and only requites this one step.

Sending from Your Personal Email Address

If you want to send from your personal email address, the email will be generated for each participant. However, to send personal invites, you will need to send one for each invitee separately (using the "Send from a RunSignup Email Address", explained above, is the better option) This can be time consuming if you want to send to more than a few people. Remember – you can just send the Team Page URL if you want to do a bulk mailing, and most invitees will be able to figure out how to join your team.

To send, click “Copy Email” and paste into an email from your personal email.

The links to join your team are unique for each invitee, so you will not send the same email to multiple people. Click “Next” to copy and paste the unique invitation to send to the next invitee. Again, you will “Copy Email” and paste into a new message from your personal email.

Again, this method of sending from your own email can be cumbersome. The simple way is just point them to the URL for either the race or the team page.