Setup Group/Team Bib Assignment

Modified on 17 January

You can set up a bib assignment for race groups. This bib number is in addition to the per registrant bib number. You can have at most 2 ranges per group type. One of these must be the primary range and one must be non-primary.

If a pool of bib numbers is shared by multiple group types, be sure to set a single range and check the box for each group types.

RunSignUp has the ability to automatically assign Group/Team bib numbers automatically as groups register.

To begin this process go to Go Race Day > Bibs > Assign Bibs & Chips, then select the Setup Group/Team Bib Assignment button.

Next you need to define the ranges of bibs that you would like to assign for each Group type. For this scenario there is an event which has 5k and 10k race groups that have a different bib number range set aside for them because the bibs are printed with 5k or 10k on them beforehand.

What's done here is we have a primary range for each Group type: 1-100 for the 10k, and 301-500 for the 5k. There are secondary ranges for each group as well. These may be leftover bibs from a previous year that you would like to re-use, but only if you run out of your new bibs first.

The secondary ranges for each group type are 151-200 for the 5k, and 551-600 for the 10k. This means that the first 100 registrants will be assigned to the 1-100 range for the 10k, then the next registrant will jump to bib 551 of the leftovers you had saved from last year.

You can select the Set bib number on existing groups that do not have a bib number check box if you already have groups registered and would like to retroactively assign them bibs.

Once you have everything tailored the way you like it, you are ready to save settings and finish your bib assignments.

Race group bib numbers can now be displayed on any reports that you print out, or can be shown on the Check-In report for easy look up. Keep in mind that Group Bib Numbers are separate and distinct from Individual Bib Numbers.