Create a New Race Group

Modified on 24 July

Once you have set up race groups for your race, then this help section will show you how to create new race groups as the race director. Typically, registrants will have the ability to create race groups as well, however, depending on your race group settings, race group creation may be the sole responsibility of the race director.

Add a Race Group

As a Race Director

RunSignup’s Group/Team system is designed to be self-serve, meaning that users can create, join, or leave a Group/Team on their own from their Profile without any work done by the Race Director.However there may be times where you need to add a new Group manually depending on your Race’s setup.As the Race Director you have two options to add Groups manually - one-by-one, or by importing a spreadsheet of teams.

These functions assume that you already have set up Groups/Teams for your Race, as described in How-To Setup Race Groups.You cannot add Groups until you have Group Types set up for your Race.

Add a Single New Group

This function allows Race Directors to add a single Group by filling out the required fields from their Race Dashboard by going to Participants > Groups/Teams > Add New Group. When you finish filling in the fields and selecting the appropriate options from the dropdowns in this page use the Create New Group/Team button to add this Group to your Race. After this is completed you will be prompted to add another Group if you would like. 

Group/Team Type

First, decide upon the Group/Team Type by selecting one from the drop down menu. As you select each Group/Team Type, you will find a description of that group, as well as any limitations and settings that it may have. When you have selected the group type that you would like to create, enter in the Group/Team Name.

Default Event for New Registrants

You have the option to select a Default Event for New Registrations joining this Group. This does not restrict users from selecting another Event when registering if they like, but it will auto-fill their Event Selection with whatever you have here.

Gender Groups

Certain group types will require you to create either an all male group, an all female group, or a coed group; all, some, or none of these options may be available to you depending on the race. If the Gender section is required for your group, then simply select the available option that best suits your group’s needs from the drop down menu.

Age Groups

Certain group types will dictate that their members meet specific age requirements in order to join. Sometimes the age requirements will be the same across all groups of this type, and other times, the group’s creator will need to select an Age Group option from the drop down list provided.

Optional Password

When creating a group, you have the option to set a password that will be required for anyone trying to join your group/team. If you would like to create a password for the group, then enter it into the text box provided.

Group Bib Number

When creating a group, you have the option to set a Group Bib Number for that group/team.If you would like to apply a group bib number, then enter it into the text box provided.

Saving your Group

After you are finished customizing your group settings, and you are ready to create it, click on the button for Create New Group/Team.

At this point, you will receive confirmation that the group has been created, and you will be given the following options: View Group/Team Page and Add Another Group/Team.

The View Group/Team Page button will bring you to the group management page, which is explained with more detail in the section for How to View Groups.

The Add Another Group/Team button will bring you back to the group creation page, and will allow you to create another group.

Import Multiple Groups

If you need to import multiple Groups/Teams at once you can use the Import Teams feature found on your Race Dashboard by going to Participants > Groups/Teams > Import Teams. At this page you will be given a sample table of what data you are required to import, as well as some other fields that can be imported as well, but are not required. 

To get started select the Choose File button to browse for the CSV file of teams that you would like to import. Be aware that this must be in a CSV or comma delimited format - it cannot be in an Excel or tab delimited format. 

When you have your file selected from this function you will be given a popup that will allow you match the fields that you provided in your spreadsheet to the fields that RunSignup is looking for.

After clicking Add Teams you will see the Team Types and Team Names show on the page under the Teams to Import header. You can scroll through and verify this data, and when you are satisfied with it click the Import Teams button at the bottom of the page to complete the import.

After you have added Teams to your Race participants will be able to join them when registering, you will be able to manually assign a participant to this team from Participants > Participant Management, and you will be able to import participants to this Team.