Import Bib & Chip Numbers

Modified on 17 January

Another way that you can assign bib numbers en masse is to upload a .CSV file that includes the RunSignUp registration ID and bib number that you would like to assign to that registrant.

The main reason to use this function is that if your bib assignment policy is not covered by the automatically assign bib numbers by rule function above. Say for instance you would like to assign bibs by wave for a triathlon, you could download your participants, sort them by waves, and then assign bibs to them in the spreadsheet and upload that list back to RunSignUp. This is the most flexible option to you if you have a complicated bib assignment policy.

The easiest way to do this is to download a CSV of all of your participants by going to the "Participants > View Participants" screen, and selecting the export button to download all as CSV. 

You will then take this spreadsheet and add in a Bib Number column, to which you will add in the bib numbers that you would like to assign to each participant.

Note: It is necissary that you keep the Registration ID in this spreadsheet. We will need this data in order to import your bib assignments back to the correct people in RunSignUp.

Here is an example CSV downloaded from the View Participants screen:

And here is the CSV with the bib numbers added in:

This can now be imported into RunSignUp. To get started, navigate to Go Race Day > Bibs > Assign Bibs & Chips > Import Bibs and Chip Numbers.

Select Browse, then browse for the CSV that you made with bib numbers assigned.

Be sure that your columns are selected correctly from the dropdowns. Be sure to map your Registration ID column here.

You can also check the Allow Duplicate Bib Numbers box if you are going to have duplicate bibs in your event. This is particularly useful for team relay events where multiple people have the same bib number.

Once you are all set, press the Import Bib and Chip Numbers button and you will have uploaded your bib numbers.