Race Day Registration

Modified on 11 June

A smooth and streamlined process for On Site Registration has always been key for creating a positive race day experience; today, more than ever, participants are looking to get registered fast, and races are trying to go paperless. 

Two things happen in this mode during registration:

    1. Users are not automatically logged in after registering.

    2. A "Next Registrant" button shows on the confirmation screen to start the next registration. This will automatically logout the current user if they have manually signed in.

On Site Registration 

Perfect for a pre-race expo, packet pickup, or anywhere people need to sign up in person. On Site Registration is a simplified registration experience, requiring minimal data entry for your registrants. On Site Registration can be accessed by selecting RaceDay Tools > On Site Registration from the race dashboard. 

To get On Site Registration running first you need to click "On" for the Enabled On Site Registration Setting. 

Accessing the On Site Registration Screen

When On Site Registration is enabled, you will be able to email the On Site Registration link to someone or copy it to your clipboard. Use this link to access the On Site Registration screen for any devices that will be accepting registration.

We have added a "password hint" feature to help you and your staff remember it. Create a password and hint that will be used to access this link.

Optional Settings

Cash Payments

This feature will allow your volunteer to verify cash has been collected and complete the registration for the participant . You will need to create a password that will be entered during check out. The passwords are case sensitive. 

Note: A recommended best practice is to make sure the browser auto-fill settings are turned off for any devices that will be used by the public.

Bib Assignment Screen

If you would like to manually assign bib numbers as the participants register, you will click "Show Bib Assignment Screen", this will allow you to enter in the next available bib that you have during registration. 

Restrict Events

You can restrict registration to exclude events, like a virtual event, that is not needed for On Site Registration. 

Customize Required Fields

By default, On Site Registration will only ask for First Name, Last Name, Email, Gender, Date of Birth, Questions, and Donations. If you would like to add or exclude any information you may do this under the Customize Required Field section. 

On Site Registration Only

This setting allows you to close online registrations and make On Site Registration only available through your devices. You can inform your registrants of this restriction by customizing a closed message using the Registration Closed Settings. 

Registration Closed Message

This setting allows you to add in a custom message to participants who are trying to register after you have closed registration. This setting can be found by selecting Race > Registration > Registration Closed Message from the race dashboard 

Import (Paper Entries)

If you have an event where you accept paper entries, or otherwise need to add registrants to RunSignup manually, you can do so using the Import feature.

See this guide to learn how to import paper entries: https://runsignup.com/How-To/Paper-Entries

Secure Access/Info Sharing

This menu allows a race director to give access to any or all parts of their race dashboard.

See this guide to learn how to set up Secure Access/Info Sharing: https://runsignup.com/How-To/Manage-Race-Directors