RunSignUp's Automated Emails are designed to allow for easy setup and delivery of various emails to your race participants. These emails will range from automatically emailing runners who did not complete their registration, to reminding runners to use your race services, like RaceJoy. Every automated email provided by RunSignUp will have suggested sending dates, times, and content. This allows you to simply click "On" on any of these automated emails, and RunSignUp will send these emails on your behalf with our suggested defaults.


If you want to customize the sending of your emails, either when they go out or the content of the emails, and even who they are sent to, you can turn on the automated emails, and change these options to suit your race.

You can find these feature on your Race Dashboard by going to Email Marketing > Automated Emails.

Automated Emails Types

Incomplete Registrations

Incomplete registration emails will be sent to runners who start the registration process but do not complete it. This is a great way to reach out to runners who got distracted and didn't finish their registration but want to participate in the race. Consider customizing your incomplete registration emails and add a small coupon code to encourage these runners to finish their registrations!

This Automated Email allows you to set this up once and it will take care of everything automatically for you. By default, we send them 3 days after the person has been to your registration page (we do not include people who come back and successfully register – one reason to wait a bit). We also make sure we do not send them out for events that are full, or if the incomplete registration happened close to the registration close date. The email goes out at 10AM in the morning:


These emails will automatically be sent to your currently registered race participants shortly before the race, and will remind them to download and use RaceJoy on RaceDay. Whether you have simply enabled your race for RaceJoy, or participated in the RaceJoy buyout option, this is a great way to help boost your RaceJoy useage and help give your runners a great RaceDay experience!

Price Increase

These emails will be sent to current registrants informing them that the price is about to increase, and encouraging them to invite their friends. If referrals are enabled, the email will include the participant's referral link. If the race has participants in previous events, including uploaded participants, a separate version of the email will be sent to the previous participants inviting them to participate again this year, and encouraging them to sign up before the price increases.

Enable Price Increase Emails

Send emails at day intervals

This function allows you to send different emails at different intervals. You may want to send one the day after, another 3 days after, and another 7 days after - each with a different message. This is all relative to the type of email that you are sending, for instance if you are sending a Price Increase Email, it will be 1 day before, 3 days before, and 7 days before instead of after the price increase.

You will need to supply the Email Send Time before clicking Save Price Increase Email Settings in order to View/Customize an Automated Email.

Set Day Intervals

Send emails on a specific calendar date

In addition to the interval options you can also set a specific calendar date to email everyone who has an incomplete registration, which can be used as a final reminder to all incomplete registrations to come back and finish.

View/Customize Automated Email

Once you have enabled an Automated Email Type and clicked Save you will be able to View/Customize an Email by clicking the View/Customize Email link. This page will allow you to define different versions of this email to be sent to different groups. By default, the first email will be sent to registered participants and the second email will be sent to all previous but unregistered participants.

Add Recipients

You can either add Common Recipient lists like current and previous participants, or any custom lists that you have created as explained in Creating and Managing Custom Email Lists.

Select Lists

Email Settings

Use the Email Subject section to change the subject of the outgoing email that participants will see. You can also upload an attachment for automated emails by using the Upload Email Attachment section.

Upload Email Attachment

You can add other email versions by using the green Add Additional Version button at the bottom of the page, and you can remove or reorder your email versions by using the arrows or Remove Email links at the top of the email version you are working on.

Email Content

You can edit the content of your email by using the text editor. You can use any of the Replacement Tags available to you in this section as described at the bottom of the page by clicking “Show” next to the Replacement Tags section.

Email Content

Once you are happy with your Emails to be sent out automatically, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save Email Customizations.

Save Email Customizations

Delete Automated Email

If you need to remove an Automated Email use the X icon in the Delete Column. If you would like to disable an Automated Email Type, use the Yes/No selection next to the type of Automated Email that you would like to disable.