Creating a RunSignUp Race within Race Director

Modified on 21 November

The RunSignUp integration is most commonly used for races that use RunSignUp for registration, however races that don't use RunSignUp for registration can still take advantage of the powerful results platform found within the Race Director Go! toolset. This tutorial will walk through the process of setting up a race that is presently not set up within RunSignUp. In order to gain the full registration benefits of RunSignUp, it's strongly recommended that you set your race up using the race set-up wizard on the RunSignUp website.

Begin by going to Tailor > Options > Partner Set-Up. Enter your RSU Credentials. If you don't presently have an account through RunSignUp, you may create an account using the "Create User" link above the RSU ID box.

Once finished, click "Assign":

Assign Partner Setup

We'll next be prompted for the year that our event takes place in:

Set Race Year

The next screen will show the races that are presently associated with your account. Because the race we are working with is not presently on RunSignUp, we'll want to fill out the fields in the "Add This Race" section.

Current Race List

Note: The URL field is used to create a unique link to your registration page. URL's generated from RunSignUp are as follows:

Therefore, if we chose a URL of "SurvivorDash" our race page's URL will be:

Click "Add Current Race to RSU" once all fields have been filled out.

Add This Race

We'll next get a prompt asking if we'd like to set this race up on RunSignUp:

RSU Race Setup

Race Director will now prompt you to create a RunSignUp event for each Race Director division you have set-up. Only divisions that you will be publishing results with need to be linked.

Link Division

Your race has now been created on RunSignUp!

Link Division

The next step is to upload your registrant data (which must be done prior to publishing results). You may quickly access the URL to both the Race Page as well as the Results Page using the blue URL's found at the bottom of the Partner Integration tab window.