Add A Charity

Modified on 21 June


In using RunSignup's donation feature, you can provide your users with multiple charity options towards which they can apply their donation.

Add a Charity

To begin adding charities to your donation page, go to the "Donations" tab of the race dashboard, and open up the subsection on "Charities". Once there, click on the button for "Create a Charity".

Charity Details

Start by entering the "Charity Name" into the space provided.If you would like the "Charity Name" to link to that charities website, then you can enter in the "Charity URL" as well; this will cause the charity's name on the charity's RunSignup page for your race to become a link to the desired URL.

Next, in the "Charity Description" box, you can include additional information about the charity, including links to the charity's offsite webpage.This section will be displayed on the charity's individual RunSignup page for your race.

Charity Logo

You can upload the "Charity Logo" by clicking on "Choose File", and selecting the file from your computer.

To delete a charity logo that has already been set, check off the box for "Remove Existing Logo".

To replace a charity logo, simply upload the new image by clicking "Choose File", and the old charity logo will be overwritten.

Charity Goal

If this charity has a goal that they intend to collect in relation to your race, then you can enter in the amount in the "Charity Goal" field.

Direct Payment Setup

You can allow a charity to receive payments directly, by filling out the information in the "Direct Payment Setup" section.Simply enter in the "Charity Contact Name", followed by the "Charity Contact Email".When you click "Save Charities" at the bottom of the page, then this will send an email to the charity with instructions on how to set up their payments.

IMPORTANT: Before setting this up, you should contact the charity and let them know that they will be receiving an email from RunSignup with setup instructions.Even if you have set up direct charity payments, you should check the charity donation reports to see if you owe the charity for donations that were sent to your race.This happens when the charity has not set up their payment information or did not set it up prior to the first donation to their charity.

Also in the "Direct Payment Setup" section, you can enter in the "Amount Withheld Per Donation Period".This can be used, for example, if you want to have the first $100.00 that is collected in the name of a charity, paid to you instead of the charity. 

Adding Multiple Charities

To create multiple charity pages for your race, click on "Add a Charity" once again, and repeat the process.

Ordering Charities

If you have multiple charities set up for your race, then you can customize the order in which they appear by selecting and holding the charity name and dragging the charity to specific order you wish to see

Saving Your Charities

Once you have finished setting up your charity or charities, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save Charities".