Customize Race Theme: Custom Wording

Modified on 19 November

To easily jump to the theme customization page, simply begin typing “race theme” into the Search bar of the Dashboard, and after you have typed in at least three letters, search results will begin to show below the box.

Select Race > Race Website > Race Theme from the results listed below, and you will be brought directly to the race theme customization page.

You can also manually find this feature by going to the Race tab of the race dashboard, clicking on the subheading for Race Website, and then selecting Race Theme. You will then open up the fifth menu item for custom wording.

Set Your Custom Wording

You can customize different words used on your race website to best fit your race. You are able to customize the wording for sign up, donate, participant(s), bib(s), and multi-person pricing in this section.

Once you have the custom wording setup how you would like, click on Save Setup at the bottom of the page.

You will then receive confirmation that the settings have been saved, and you can click on View Website, in order to review the new wording changes on your race.

When people view your site, they will see the new wording and calls to action instead:

One of RunSignup’s powerful pricing tools is Multi-Person Pricing, which allows you to offer discounts on registration fees when groups sign up together. This is popular with events that want to offer Family Pricing. You can add custom wording for Multi-Person Pricing to brand the discount, such as “Family Pricing” or “Group Pricing” using this feature.

Family Pricing (or the custom wording you choose) will now display in the registration path:

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