Create/Join a New Group

Modified on 31 August

How to Create/Join Group


If groups are enabled for the event you are participating in, then you may have the option to create a new group for joining. If the option is available, then you will be able to do so either during or after registration.

Create a Group During Registration

Provided that groups are enabled for the event you are signing up for, then during the registration process, you will be given the option to create a new group.

IMPORTANT: If you do not see this option, then groups are not currently enabled for that particular event.

  1. Navigate to the Race Page of the race
  2. Click Sign Up to begin the registration process
  3. Enter in all participant information
  4. Select Yes under the question Would You like to join a Group/Team (if applicable; not all events have this question enabled)
  5. Select Create New Group/Team
  6. Select a Group/Team Type
  7. Type in a Group/Team Name
  8. If prompted, select a Group/Team Gender and Age Group
  9. If prompted, you may create an Group/Team Password (sometimes this is required)
  10. Click Continue

Create a New Group After Registration

  1. Log into RunSignup, using the same account that you registered for the race/event with, and go to your Profile
  2. Navigate to Upcoming Events > Manage Registration
  3. Click on the menu item for Group/Team (located on the left or top)
  4. Click on the tab "Create New Group/Team"
  5. Select a Group/Team Type
  6. Type in a Group/Team Name
  7. If prompted select a Group/Team Gender and Age Group
  8. If prompted, you may create an Group/Team Password (sometimes this is required)
  9. Click Continue

Group Creation Fields

Once you have arrived at the "New Group/Team" section, whether during or after registration, the steps you will go through to create a group are similar.

Group Type

First, “Select a Group Type” from the drop down menu.  A "group type" designates a specific type of group that the race director allows registrants to create, and the details pertaining to each group type will appear as you select each one from the list. Group types may be very basic and all-inclusive or specific to age, gender, and/or size.

If you would like to learn more about why certain group type options and restrictions are set up, then please contact the race directly for more details, as explained in the beginning of this tutorial. (by going to the race page, scrolling down to the “Race Contact Info” section, and filling out the “Questions” form).

Group/Team Name

Next, enter your "Group/Team Name" into the text box provided. This name can be anything you would like, though it will be displayed on all group/team pages, so please make sure it is appropriate for all race participants.

Gender Restrictions

If there is a "Gender" requirement associated with this team type, then you can select one of the options available to you.

The possible options are "Coed", "Male", and "Female", though you may not see all of these listed, as the race director decides which type of groups can be created with this team type.

Please note that the "Gender" selection menu is not asking whether you are a male, female, or coed. This section is to designate which gender or genders will be eligible for joining your team.

If you have made a mistake in filling out the "Gender" field, then please contact the race directly, in order to have your team changed to "Coed". Keep in mind though, some team types are restricted to allow only "All Male" or "All Female" teams. This decision is made by the director of each individual race, and is commonly set up this way for scoring purposes.

Age Group Selection

If there is an "Age Group" option associated with this team type, then you can select the one that suits you from the drop-down menu. If there is no age group set up that includes your age, then you cannot create a group of this type, and you will need to select a different "Group Type".

If necessary, please contact the race directly for questions regarding their "Age Group" set up. This can be done from the race page, by going to the “Race Contact Info” section, and filling out the questions form.

Group/Team Password

When creating a group, you may also have the option to set up a password needed for joining that group. To set the password for your group, then click on "Set Password" and enter it into the text box provided. Also, make sure that you write down or memorize your password.

In the case of a forgotten or unknown team password, please refer to the the FAQ at the bottom of this article.

Saving a Group

If you are creating your group during the registration process, then make sure all of your group settings are correct, and click "Continue" to move on with registration.

Once you have completed the registration process, your group will be created.

If you leave the registration process before completing your transaction at the checkout, then the group will not be created.

Please note that if you are registering multiple people at once, then you can simply select Join the Same Group/Team as and this have the additional registrants join the same group/team you are creating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I not see this option?

A: This Race does not have this feature enabled for Participants or does not currently allow Participants to edit this portion of their Registration. Please contact the race directly with any further questions by using the "Contact This Race" link at the bottom of the Registration Management page.

Q: How do I reset my Group/Team password?

A: You can reset your Group/Team password by logging on to RunSignup with the account that has is admin/captain of the Group/Team. Scroll down to Groups/Teams and click on the "Edit Name/Password" link.

Q: How do I change my Group/Team name?

A: You can change your Group/Team name by logging on to RunSignup with the account that has is admin/captain of the Group/Team. Scroll down to Groups/Teams and click on the "Edit Name/Password" link.

Q: How do I create/join a Group/Team after registration is completed?

A: You can create a Group/Team after registration via Manage Registration. Log on to RunSignup > Profile > Upcoming Events > Manage Registration > Groups/Teams menu > Create New Group/Team OR Join Existing Group/Team.

Q: Why is my registration not showing in my profile?

A: Don't worry! Most of the time you are registered, but your registration is just associated with a different account. Here are reasons why this happens:

  1. Your registration is associated with a sub-account of another user.
    1. Someone registered you for a race using their account, so you were created as a sub-account.
  2. Your registration was imported.
    1. A lot of races will process entries manually. You just need to claim your uploaded account as described here
  3. You used a different email address to register.
    1. You can merge accounts with different email addresses by following the guide here
  4. You did not complete your registration.
    1. First look to see if you are registered on this race's "Find a Participant" page. If you still do not see yourself and have a charge on your credit card that has posted, please contact If you do not see yourself here, and you also have no charge on your account, then you are not yet registered.
  5. You registered under a typo.
    1. If you find your registration on the race's "Find a Participant" page, but you don't see it under your account (and you have claimed ALL possible accounts as explained above), then you may have registered under a typo. Please contact