Why am I being told “There is no account for this email address”?

Modified on 16 April

If you are receiving this message, then you do not currently have an account on RunSignup under the address you are attempting to log in with. This may be because you registered under a different account (or with a typo), need to claim your account, or never signed up on RunSignup before.

1)  Registered on a different account (or with a typo):

If you can locate your registration under the “Find a Participant” tab of the race page, but you cannot log in using your email address, then you either registered under a different email or with a typo. To find out which email you used, please contact info@runsignup.com with your name (as it appears on your registration), as well as the name of the race you signed up for.

2)  Unclaimed Account:

If you were imported into a race, or if a race has turned off account creation at the time of registration, then you will need to claim your account before you can access it. You can send claim instructions at https://runsignup.com/ClaimAccounts. Click here for more information: https://runsignup.com/How-To/Claim-an-Account

3)  Never used RunSignup: 

While you may have signed up for a particular race in the past, they may not have made the switch to RunSignup until recently. If this is the case, then your information will not be carried over from the race’s old registration platform. You can create a new account on RunSignup.