Find a Race

Modified on 15 April

Each race that is listed on has its own unique “race page”. This is where runners can go to learn more information about a race, sign up for that particular race, verify their registration, and much more.

In order to get to a specific race’s race page, you can use the Find a Race search box in the top right hand corner to search for the race you are wishing to register for. 

Find a Race

Modify Your Search

Participants can also refine or modify their search by selecting Show under Find a Race

Search Options

Search By State

RunSignup gives participants the option to search for a race by State. This is done by selecting the Search button under State > then selecting the state you wish to find a race in from the map provided.

Search By City

RunSignup also allows for participants to search for a race by City. When searching via this option, RunSignup provides a list of cities with the most races. Continue scrolling down and you can manually type in a city to search by.

Search By Event Type

Participants can also find races based on event types. We have a variety of events that range from Running events, to Bike Events, to Paddle Events and to Ski Events.

Once you have found the race that you are interested in, click on that race, and you will then be brought to its individual race page.