The “Race Page” section of the race wizard will allow you to edit your RunSignUp race page. This section will teach you how to upload the race logo and create custom sections for your race.


The “Race Page” section of the race wizard will allow you to edit your race page as it is seen on RunSignUp.

Race Logo Upload

Remove LogoYou can add your race logo to your race page by clicking on “Choose File”, and selecting the correct image. If you need to remove the image entirely, then click on the link for “Clear”, and the file will no longer be uploaded as your race logo.

Race Page Logo

Note: If you are re-entering the race wizard, and would like to remove the logo altogether, then simply check off the box for “Remove Logo”, and click “Save & Continue”. If you just need to change the logo, then all you need to do is upload the new image and the old file will be overwritten when you click “Save & Continue”.

Custom Sections

Add SectionYou can create as many custom sections for your race page as you would like by clicking on the “Add Section” button. Enter in the heading you would like to use for that section, and if you would like that heading to link to another page, then include the URL in the “Optional URL” field. Finally, add the content for that section in the box provided.

To remove a custom section from your race page, click on the button for “Remove Section”.

Note: After being set up in the wizard, custom sections and all other sections of the race page can be re-ordered by going to the “Customize” tab of the race dashboard, opening up the “Race Page” section, and clicking “Race Page Ordering”.


Save and ContinueWhen you are finished making changes to the “Race Page” section, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Save & Continue”.