Membership Email: Create and Manage Email Lists

Modified on 20 May

Membership Email: Create and Manage Email Lists


RunSignup allows Membership Organization Directors to create Custom Email Lists so that Membership Organizations can more easily target their marketing or membership information emails. You will be able to use these lists to include or exclude the members of the list on emails that you send with the RunSignup Email Marketing System.

This feature is found on your Membership Organization Dashboard by going to Email >> Custom Lists.

Create a New List

If you would like to create a new mailing list for use in RunSignup, then click on the button for "Add a New List." To get started you must first enter in a List Name.

To add recipients to the list, you will click the blue "add new contacts" button. You can either do a single entry of one contact or a CSV upload to add multiple contacts.

Upload Custom Contacts- CSV Upload

If you have a CSV file of emails that you would like to add to your list that are not a part of your RunSignup Contacts, you can add them to your New List by using the CSV Upload section.

First select the CSV file that you would like to import. You can either drag and drop the file into the box or search for the file to upload.

This will bring up the CSV Import Mapping pop-up, where you will be required to map the E-mail Address field to the matching column in your CSV.  In addition to the E-mail address you will be given the option to map the First Name field and Last Name field of these additional contacts, so that you can use replacement tags to personalize your emails to them.

If you have additional replacement tag information in your CSV that you would like to include in this upload, you will add it as a custom placeholder by mapping the column to the matching field.

Once you have completed the mapping step, click Start Import.

Your contacts will then be loaded into the custom list and automatically saved. You will get a message when this is completed. 

Upload Custom Contacts- Single Entry

You also have the option to manually Add a Custom Contact one at a time, by entering in their Email Address, First Name, and Last Name.

Once you have this information set, click Add Contact.

You will get a green confirmation message that the email was added as a contact successfully. 

Manage Existing Contacts

You can edit or delete the contacts you added in the Upload Custom Contacts section.

Use the Search option to filter your Existing Custom Contacts list by E-mail, First or Last Name to find who you are looking for.

If a name is misspelled, or if there is a typo in an email address, then click the Edit icon in the Actions column to edit this information. Edit the information in the new page, and when corrected, select the Update Contact button.

If you would like to delete a contact from a list, then click the trashcan icon in the Actions column. You can then confirm this action by selecting "Delete" in the pop-up to completely remove them from the list.

On this page you can also download your contact list as a CSV file or print it at the bottom of the page.

Manage Existing Email Lists

You can manage existing Email Lists from your Race Dashboard by going to Email >> Custom Lists.

On this page, you can edit the name of the Custom List by clicking the edit icon next to the list name. You will click the checkmark to save the edits when done.

You can send out an email to that custom list by clicking the email icon.

You can use the other edit button on this page to bring you back to the steps in the Email List creation process described above.

You can delete the whole custom list if needed by clicking the trashcan icon and then "Delete."