Invoice System

Modified on 24 April

We have a simple Invoice System to allow race directors to send invoices to sponsors and anyone that needs to pay the race. An email is automatically sent and they can make payment via online payment through RunSignup or via offline.

Read more about our next generation invoice system here.

The setup is simple – just enter in your instructions for making OffLine Payments.

This is not a full fledged Invoice system and does not replace systems like Quickbooks, but the Invoice capability is basic, quick and functional.  

Note that you can chose to have the payer or you pay the processing fee, or split it 50/50.

You can create the invoice by going to Financial >> Invoicing.

At the bottom you will classify this invoice so we can accurately compute the sales tax. If you do not fill in any fields, it will be classified as Other Generally Taxable Items.

If the invoice should not have sales tax, you will want to enter the invoice amount in the "generally non-taxable transaction" box. In this example, to not have sales tax charged, the invoice amount of $50 would go on this line:

An email is automatically sent to the address entered.  The email includes a link back to RunSignup to see the invoice.  This includes all of the information entered as well as Offline Payment instructions (if offered) and the ability to pay with Credit Card (if offered).

The system also has a reporting feature that lists Invoices and summary info. You can also download a CSV with all of the data into Excel or Google Docs.