View Invoices and Payments

Modified on 22 May

This tutorial focuses on the "View Invoices and Payments" aspect of managing a corporate team as a race director. In this section of corporate team management, you will be able to create miscellaneous charges, generate invoices, manage both online and offline payments for invoices, and view paid invoices.

Viewing Invoices and Payments

To view invoices and payments for your corporate teams, from your race dashboard select Participants > Corporate Teams > View Corporate Teams > select the Corporate team you would to view invoices and payments for > View Invoices & Payments

As a race director whose race employs corporate teams, you can go to the “Participants” tab of your race dashboard, click on the sub-heading for “Corporate Teams”, open up the section for “View Corporate Teams”, and when you select a team link in the left-hand column, then you can go in and “View Invoices and Payments” associated with that team.

Miscellaneous Charges

The first section on the “View Invoices and Payments” page deals with miscellaneous charges.   These miscellaneous charges are set forth only by the race director, and they give you the ability to include both additional fees and/or discount fees.

If you would like to create a miscellaneous charge, begin by hitting the button for “Add Miscellaneous Charge”.  In the “Charge” box, enter in the amount of the charge, and keep in mind that negative amounts can be entered in order to represent a discounted amount for that team.

Next, give a brief description of the charge, and if necessary, you can fill out the full description in the box that follows.  Finally, create the miscellaneous charge by clicking “Save Miscellaneous Charge”.  Note: You can always go back and make changes to existing miscellaneous charges by hitting “Edit Charge”.

Unpaid Invoices

In the “Unpaid Invoices” section, you can hit “Generate Invoice” and review the main details pertaining to that invoice.  At this point, if you would like to create an invoice from the information listed here, click once again on the button for “Generate Invoice”.

Once you hit “Back to Payments Page”, the newly generated invoice will appear among your unpaid invoices, and in a case where there are more than one unpaid invoices, you can click on “Merge Invoices” to create a single invoice made up of all of the unpaid invoices.

By clicking on “Pay Now”, you can view the details related to a selected invoice.  This will include the actual invoice amount, were it to be paid offline, as well as the invoice amount with the processing fee, if the invoice were to be paid online.

If the payment for the invoice was covered offline, you can enter in the amount paid, check off the box to confirm that this payment was made offline, and then hit “Record Offline Payment”.

If you would like to make the payment for this team’s invoice by credit card, you can enter in the credit card information near the bottom of the page, and pay the designated amount.

You will then receive confirmation that your payment was made, and when you hit “Back to Payments”, the newly paid invoice will be listed among that team’s “Payments” section.


In the “Payments” section, you can click on “View Payment” in order to see the details regarding each payment that was made, and by clicking on the “Back to Payments” button, you will return to the “View Invoices and Payments” main page.

If you click on “Back to Team Page”, then you can manage all other aspects of that corporate team.

For more information on corporate team management, please refer to the section for “How to Manage Corporate Teams for Race Directors”.