RaceDay CheckIn - Label Printer Setup

Modified on 16 December

Setting up a printer with your device is a very specific task based on the type of device that you are using, and the network you have set up. We rely on each device's print server to connect and send print jobs to any kind of printer, but we have done our testing thoroughly with a Brother QL-810w, a popular label printer, with three standard label sizes that should fit event needs:

- 1.1" x 3.5" - (Brother DK-1201 Compatible)

- 1.4" x 3.5" - (Brother DK-1208 Compatible)

- 2.4 CR - 3" Cut - Continuous 2.4" roll

Link to purchase Brother QL-810w

Note: For Continuous Roll type media, on Android, you choose Paper Size in the Android Printer Prompt to be 2.4" X 39" for example for a 100 ft roll (choose the long height and it will actually cut at the desired height CheckIn app specified in the label size setup.

Note: The CheckIn app requires Monochrome Media.

For Android and iOS devices, you must have a local wireless network connection set up so that you can connect and print to devices on your network. 

Android/iOS Apps to Install

To connect your Brother printer to your local wireless network, you can download the "Brother iPrint&Label" application. After connecting your Brother printer to your local wireless network, this app is no longer needed, but can always be used to connect to a different network.

- Brother iPrint&Label Android download link

- Brother iPrint&Label iOS download link

If you are using Android, you will additionally need the "Brother Print Service Plugin". This plugin will allow Brother Printers to show up as a printer in your Android operating system. This is not needed for iOS.

Android Brother Print Service Plugin

See the Brother support page for more assistance on getting connected to your printer: Manuals | QL-810W | United States | Brother

And contact them if you are having trouble connecting your device on your network here: Contact Us | Brother (brother-usa.com)

Connect the printer to your device via your WiFi router.

If possible, the easiest way to ensure that your printer is connected to the same network as your devices is to use the WPS button on your Brother printer and on the WiFi router you are connected to.

For more information on WPS setup, see this guide: What Is the WPS Button on a Router? (alphr.com) 

See these guides from Brother to learn more about using the iPrint&Label software to connect to your printer.

Apple Guide

Android Guide


"There is no need to change the orientation in the Android Print Manager. Orientation changes should only happen in the Label Print Settings screen."

A common issue is a mismatch between the label size selected in the app and the label size in the printer. It's imperative that you have the same label size set in RaceDay CheckIn and in the setup of the printer. Ensure that the media size matches what is set in RaceDay CheckIn.

Chromebook Support

For a Chromebook running ChromeOS, attach the Brother Printer via a USB connection. ChromeOS will detect the printer and no other print driver installation is required. 

On the first print, select Advanced Settings for the Printer and enable the setting "Trim After Job" to auto cut after label print. 

On the first print, select from the Page Dropdown and select the label size in mm to match your media. Subsequent printing will recall the last setting.

We do not support Wireless printing with Chromebook devices.