Adding Races to your Partnership

Modified on 06 January

There are three main ways to have a Race added to your Partnership:

  1. Create them yourself - When logged into an account that is a Primary or Secondary Owner of a Partnership all races you create will be applied to the Partnership that is currently selected under this User Account.
  2. Send a Link- Each Partner has a unique URL that they can send to prospective Races to use to create Races directly under their Partnership, or it can be embedded into your personal website as a link or button.
  3. Add an Existing RunSignup Race to your Partnership - Races that are already on RunSignup may or may not be associated with another Partner account on our system, therefore any requests to apply an existing Race to a new Partnership (even if they do not have one applied) needs to be handled manually by RunSignup by contacting

See details on each method below:

Create them yourself

When you are logged into a RunSignup User Account that is associated with one or many Partnerships, any Races that you create as this User will be associated with the Partner Account that is currently being used.

You can view what Partner Account is currently being used on your User Account by Viewing your Partner Dashboard. The name of the Partnership currently selected will show in the top orange bar:

If you were to create a Race right now, it would be listed under the Partnership shown here.

If you would like to create a Race under a different Partnership, you would first need to change which Partnership is currently being used for this User Account at this time. You will see in the bottom left part of the Partner Dashboard Toolbar that it has tabs for each Partnership that your User Account is associated with.

By clicking another Partnership here, you will change which Partnership is being used. Now if you were to create a Race, it would be listed under this other Partnership.

Send a Link

From your Partner Dashboard you can find your unique Partner Race Creation URL under Races >> Create a Race and also Ticket Events >> Create an Event.



You can share this link with anyone who can use it to create a Race or Event under your Partnership. 

Adding an existing Race to your Partnership

If there is a Race that has already been set up in the past on RunSignup, and you would like it to be included under your Partnership, please email with this request and please provide a link to the Race in question, along with which Partnership it should be applied to.