Managing Secondary Partner Owners

Modified on 13 September

Primary Partner Owners can select other RunSignup Users as Secondary Partner Owners to grant them full or partial access to their Partner Dashboard.

First navigate to the Partner Dashboard here:

You can also access the Partner Dashboard by clicking the Partner item in the User Account dropdown in the top right hand corner of most pages:

Next, navigate to Account > Partner Access > Partner Owners.

From this page you can manage the Owners of your Partnership.


At the top of the page it will list the Primary Partnership Owner beneath the Partnership heading.

Beneath that it will list out any Secondary Owners if there are any. In that table you will be able to remove Secondary Owners, as well as promote a Secondary Owner to Primary Owner.

Beneath that you can use the Add Another Owners form to enter in an email address of someone that you would like to register as a Secondary Owner of this Partnership. 

Beneath that you will find a form to provide Limited Access to another User if you would like to give someone partial but not full access to your Partner Dashboard.