Manage Race Director Access

Modified on 15 May

Adding/Removing Race Directors

Since some races may have more than one race director (or administrator), and because reoccurring races may switch race directors from race to race, RunSignup allows you to add and delete race directors very easily.

To manage your race director access, begin by going to the Race tab of the race dashboard, and open up the sub-heading for Secure Access/Info Sharing. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will find the section for Add a Race Directors.

Adding Directors

In the Add a Race Director section, you can input additional directors for your race.

Simply enter in the email address of the person that you would like to give access to. And then click on the button for Save Settings.

You can set as many race directors as you would like for your race, though, keep in mind, that they can only be added one at a time.

Once you hit Save Settings, an email will be sent to the address that you entered in, and they will receive instructions on how to accept their race director access.

You can go to the Race Directors section, and you will see that the new race director is now included in the table.

Please note that they may be marked a Pending Invite Acceptance.  This will update to say their name after they have accepted the invite.

Primary Directors and Deleting Directors

The primary race director can be set using the radio buttons, and by using the check box, you can remove any of the race directors from that list.  If you do change the radio button that indicates the primary race director, or if you decide to check any of the boxes to delete a race director, then remember to hit Save Settings in order for the changes to go into effect.

Please note, that if you decide to delete the primary race director without setting a new primary, then a new primary race director will be selected from those remaining.