Add Easy Images to Race Websites

Modified on 02 February

Adding Images to Your Race Website

We have added an easy image upload capability to the editor used in the Custom Content section for you to include images in these sections of race and partner websites.

To begin this setup select Race > Race Website > Custom Sections and create a custom section.


Click the image icon on the right-hand side and an upload image dialog will appear. 

Once you load the image, it will show the parameters of the size (we auto-scale down to 900 pixels wide max to optimize for web performance, as well as create mobile optimized sizes when your webpage is loaded from a mobile phone). 

Note that if you have the lock icon locked, you will be able to adjust the size of one side and the other will adjust to keep the proper ratio:

You can also adjust the image size once the image is showing in your editor with drag and drop.