Add a Sponsor

Modified on 13 February

The RunSignup Sponsor Platform provides tools to organize and communicate with sponsors and creates new ways for races to demonstrate value to their sponsors through increased visibility options and the tracking of impressions across mediums.

These settings can be found on your Race Dashboard by going to the Sponsors tab.

Adding a Sponsor

To add a sponsor, begin by going to Sponsors and opening up the section for Manage:

If you have not currently set up any sponsors, then you can click on the link that says"Click here to add your first sponsor."  If you do have a sponsor or sponsors set up already, then you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the button for Add Sponsor:


Next you will find the fields for adding a sponsor.  This will include the Sponsor Name:

...the Sponsor URL, if applicable (which will cause your sponsor image to become a link to the indicated URL):

...and the Sponsor Description:

The Sponsor Logo will be the main representation of the sponsor on your RunSignup website, and you can upload this image by clicking on Choose File, and uploading an image that is at least, but can be larger than, 75 X 75 pixels.  You can upload .png, .jpeg., .jpg, or .gif files.:

Note: All sponsors that you add will need a Sponsor Logo.  If you do not have a logo for your sponsor (ex: if a family is a sponsor), then you will need to have an image to represent that sponsor, in order to upload as the Sponsor Logo.

If you have Sponsor Levels set up, which can be set up under Sponsors > Set Up > Levels, then you can set the level of your sponsor during the creation step:

You can indicate the sponsor's Commitment Status, to either Committed or Tentatively Committed:

If the sponsor has already paid, then their Payment Status can be set as Sponsor has paid:

You can then enter in the sponsor contact information that you have (Contact First Name, Contact Last Name. Contact Email, and/or Contact Phone):

If you would like to Hide this sponsor on your race website, then you can do so under the Advanced Options section:

Once you are finished filling out the fields to set up your sponsor, then you can save this setup by clicking on the button for Add Sponsor: