RaceDay Photos

Modified on 10 October

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As a recap and reference guide, here are the quick paths to finding some of RaceDay Photos features.

To Upload Photos:
Dashboard -> Photos -> Upload
Select your Event Date and Location

To Setup Locations: 
Dashboard -> Photos -> Locations
You can also add locations by following the Upload Photos path and selecting "Add Location"

To View Photos (Admin View):
Dashboard -> Photos -> View

To Manage Bibs (i.e., remove bib tags for specific numbers or ranges)
Dashboard -> Photos -> Location -> Bib Management
Note: You will need to update bib management for each location in use

To Add Photos nearby:
Dashboard -> Photos -> Location -> Setup Finish Line Photos
Note: You have to have results in RunSignUp for this

To Add or Remove Bib Tags by Individual Photo:
Dashboard -> Photos -> View -> Advanced Mode
Note: You can edit bib tags from either view; Advanced Mode is just easier

To Add or Remove a Race or Sponsor Logo:
Dashboard -> Photos -> Setup

To View Photos (Runner View):
Race Website -> Photos
Or, if you are using RunSignUp Results...
Race Website -> Results -> Search for Runner -> View Photos

And a few best practices...

* To limit errors in Google Vision tagging, use 4-digit bib numbers (1000+), and exclude tagging of numbers under 1,000

* When uploading Finish Line photos from multiple cameras, keep them in separate sets so that the timestamps are consistent throughout the set

We are continuing to improve RaceDay Photos! We have laid out the roadmap for the future of the Photo Platform here. Keep an eye on our blog for updates and new capabilities!

Thanks for joining us!