Manage a Corporate Team

Modified on 24 May

After there are corporate teams created for your race, this video will walk you through the process of managing those teams on their individual team pages. You will learn how to edit team settings, add team registration questions, view and manage the members on each team, and much more.

This section focuses on managing a corporate team as a race director, if your race does not currently have any corporate teams created, you can make one by following the steps outlined in the section “How to Create a Corporate Team for Race Directors”.

Managing Corporate Teams

Once there is a corporate team created for your race, you can then go in and manage that corporate team. 

To begin, select Participants > Corporate Teams > View Corporate Teams

Edit Original Set Up and Advanced Options

By hitting the button for Edit Team, you will bring up all of the fields that were filled in when the corporate team was first created (team name, team type, team code, event costs information, and family and/or friend settings). Also within this pop-up window, you will find a few additional fields, located under the “Advanced Options” section.

You can hide the team from the public list so that only users with the link to that team page can join the corporate team. You are given the ability to set the priority level for displaying that team on the public teams list.

Note: Teams with higher priority numbers will be displayed first, and then arranged alphabetically (ex: a team with “8” as its priority number will appear higher on the list than a team with “7” as its priority number).

A custom URL can be created for a corporate team so that it is easy to remember and share.

You can also allow non-employees to register without an employee if necessary.

If you make any changes in this section, be sure to click “Save” at the bottom of the pop-up window. If you want to close the pop-up window without saving your changes, click on either the “X” in the upper right-hand corner, or on the button marked “Cancel” at the bottom of the pop-up.

Set Up Member Questions

Next, you can Setup Member Questions.  These questions will be asked in addition to any existing registration questions, and will only be asked to members registering within this corporate team.

After clicking Add Question, member questions can be set up in the same manner as normal registration questions.

When you are finished with the question setup, remember to hit Save Questions, or, if you do not want to save the changes, you can click Discard Changes and go to Team Page.

Team Members

You can view a brief team member summary, which includes a ratio of the number of employee members to the number of total members, as well as the number of free entries used.

The “Join” button will take you to the registration page for that corporate team.

If you click on the button for View Members, you can do a search of all of the members that make up that team.By clicking Remove, you can remove any members that do not belong on that team. And the Download All as CSV link will allow you to download the full list of members on that team as a CSV.

On the View Members page you can also Manage Group/Teams

Lastly on the View Members page, previously registered members can be added to your team by clicking on the button for Add a Team Member. A pop-up will appear where you can search for the registrant by first name, last name, or email. After clicking Add, filling out their team joining information, and hitting “Add Member”. You will then see that their name has been added to the list of members on this team.

Setting the Logo

On to the team page, you can upload a team logo by clicking Change Logo, choosing the correct file, and clicking Upload Logo.

Payment Summary

A “Payment Summary” is available to you, and you are given the option to View Invoices and Payments. For more information on viewing invoices and payments, please refer to the section titled “How to View Invoices and Payments for Race Directors”.

Corporate Team Store Purchases

Listed separately from the invoices and payments are the corporate team store purchase orders. On the team page, these can be viewed by clicking on the links in the section for “Corporate Team Store Purchases”.

Adding/Removing Captains

To input additional captains for a team, make sure that the user you would like to make a captain has previously set up an account on RunSignup, and enter in the email address that they created their account under in the box provided.

You can remove any captain from the team by clicking Remove followed by Yes, Remove. And if you click on the button for Show Changes, you will be able to see a summary of all the team captain changes pertaining to that team.

Questions Responses

If you had any questions set up for captains to answer while creating a corporate team, you can view the responses to them in the section labeled Question Responses.

Note: This section will not show up if the team did not answer any registration questions.