Create Corporate Team Types

Modified on 22 June

This video focuses on creating corporate team types; a step that is part of setting up corporate teams. Corporate team types allow race directors to give captains options when setting up their corporate teams. These options can range from team setup fees, the number of free registrations included, team joining windows, and much more.

Creating Team Types


Corporate Team Types allow race directors to create several different types of teams for team creators to choose from.The ability to customize these various team types is ideal for creating different levels of corporate sponsorship.

To begin Corporate Team creating select Participants > Corporate Teams > Setup

Note: This section focuses on a specific aspect of corporate team setup for race directors. If you are a race director who needs to learn the basics of corporate team set up, please refer to the section for “How to Set Up Corporate Teams".


General Settings

To begin corporate team type creation, scroll down and fine the Team Types header and enter in the name of your first team type, and give a description of that team type if necessary.


Input the “Team Setup Fee”, and indicate whether this team type requires you, as the race director, to manually set up this type of team.

Set the number of “free registrations included” that is not dependent on event.

Note: These “free registrations” can be used for any event that makes up your race, and will be in addition to the event specific “free registrations” you can set later.If you want to specify “free registrations” strictly by event, leave these set to zero (“0”).

Next, you can set a cap on the maximum number of team members allowed in this group overall, if necessary.

Note: Regardless of the event specific maximums that can be set later, this team type will not allow for the registration of members after the “maximum number of team members” indicated here is reached.

Team Joining Date Restrictions

For any team type, you can enter in specific open and close dates for “Team Joining”, and these dates will override those set previously in the section for “Team Registration Options”.

Member Payment Cutoff Date

 If you enter in a “Maximum Team Payment Date”, then corporate teams will not be able to pay for any members who join after this date has passed.Instead, that member will need to pay the registration fee him/herself.


Event Customization


For each event in your race, you can decide whether or not team members will be allowed to join that particular event. To allow members to join, leave the box unchecked.

Set the number of “free registrations included” for registrants of each individual event, and keep in mind that this is in addition to the non-event-specific “free registrations included” that was set prior. This means that if you set the non-event-specific “free registrations” to 100, and the event specific “free registrations” to zero, then 100 people can use the “free registrations” towards this event, or any other available event. However, if you leave the non-event-specific “free registrations” to 100, and set the event specific “free registrations” to 50, then 150 people can use the “free registration” towards this event, but of that 150, 100 of them could also choose to use the “free registration” towards another available event. To strictly control the number of “free registrations” allowed per event, set the non-event-specific “free registrations” to zero, and enter in the event specific “free registrations” accordingly.

Next to that, you can enter in the maximum number of team members allowed per individual event. Unlike the “free registrations”, this number will not be in addition to the overall maximum that was an option earlier. The purpose of this is to allow you to say, for example, that of the 200 possible members of this team, no more than 110 of them can be in the 5K, and no more than 130 can be in the 10K; this would be useful for giving people interested in either event an opportunity to join this team.

To have the individual event maximums be observed as the actual maximums, simply leave the overall maximum space blank, and fill out the event maximums accordingly.



After all of the available “free registrations” are spoken for, or if all “free registrations” are set to zero and therefore are not an option, you can still allow members to join the group and register at a discounted price.

To do this, simply enter in the date and time when a discounted event pricing will end, and then indicate the discounted price.


Note: In the table provided, the current registration periods and the prices associated with them are available as a reference to you while setting up a team type’s discounted pricing.

You can set up as many discounted pricing windows as needed by clicking “Add Row”, and you can delete any of the pricing windows by clicking on the “X”.

Continue to customize any remaining events within the team type.

Create as many team types as you would like by clicking “Add New Team Type”, and remove any unwanted team types by clicking “Delete Team Type”.

When you are finished, be sure to click “Save Settings” at the bottom of the page.