Set Up Corporate Teams

Modified on 22 June

While the corporate teams feature that RunSignUp offers is a great way for organizations to encourage their employees and family members to participate in various race events, they can also be easily customized for use in non-corporate situations.

How to Setup Corporate Teams

Corporate teams are typically geared towards large events, and have the ability for companies and other associations to pay for their employees or members.

This setup makes corporate teams a great way for organizations to encourage their employees and family members to participate in various race events, and is why they often coincide with health and wellness campaigns. If you are a race director interested in setting up corporate teams for your race, begin by going to your race’s dashboard.

Please note: Corporate teams are a very specific type of grouping. For the most part, the Corporate teams feature should only be used (1) if you have companies paying for their employees to register AND (2) more than 25% of registrants in your race would be paid for by their employer. 

If you are not sure if this is the correct feature for your race, please email for assistance.

Setting Up Corporate Teams

To begin corporate team setup head over to your dashboard and select Participants > Corporate Teams > Setup

Custom Wording

If you don't want the text on user-facing pages to say "Corporate Team", you can customize that here. Please be sure that the text you enter makes sense when adding an "s" (e.g. Corporate Teams). 

For example “Team of Friends” would not work because it would then be given two s’s in plural situations (ex: “Team of Friendss”). For the purpose of this how-to however, we will continue to refer to this function as a “Corporate Team”.


Payment Methods

Next, select the Payment Methods that will be permitted for all “Corporate Teams”.

You can allow the team to pay by use of the following three methods:

1. Credit Card at team setup time

2. Credit Card at a later date

3. Cash or check at a later date

If you are allowing teams to pay later by cash or check, use the “Offline Payment Instruction” box to indicate how teams should go about making offline payments (ex: include the mailing address where all cash and check payments should be sent, and specify who or what checks should be made out to).Also, keep in mind that at least one “later” payment method must be selected. 

Below the “Payment Methods”, you can require that team pay for the initial fees of their corporate team at the time of setup. For this requirement to be enabled, you must allow the team to pay by credit card at the time of team setup.

Processing Fee

After that, decide how the processing fee will be handled for corporate teams. Indicate whether it will be paid in full by the race, split between the race and the team, or be paid in full by the team.

Team Registration Options

In the section for Team Registration Options, you can:

  1. Allow any user to create a new corporate team
  2. Require that all teams create a code that registrants must enter before joining a team
  3. Disable the pop-up box that asks users about joining a corporate team during the sign up process
  4. Decide whether captains will be allowed to remove team members

Next, specify the dates when "Team Creation" will open, as well as the date when "Team Creation" will close. And then, specify the dates when "Team Joining" will open, followed by the date when "Team Joining" will close.

Team Types

The final step in setting up corporate teams involves creating the “Team Types” for your corporate teams.This process is explained with more detail in the section for “How to Create Corporate Team Types”.

Remember to “Save the Settings” when you are done making changes to your corporate team set up. You can learn more about how to setup Corporate Team Types here.

Viewing Corporate Teams

After enabling/setting up corporate teams, you can click on the “View Race Page” button near the top of the page, and you will see that a tab for “Corporate Teams” has now been set up on your race page.

Disabling Corporate Teams

By default, corporate teams are not enabled until you set them up. If you have corporate teams set up for your race, and then decide that you do not want to allow corporate teams anymore, you can go back into “Set Up Corporate Teams”, and click “Disable corporate teams”.

IMPORTANT: By clicking “Disable Corporate Teams”, all corporate team information will be wiped out (ex: corporate team settings, team types, teams that have been created, etcetera).