Enable Refunds For Your Race

Modified on 02 March

Enable Refunds For Your Race

Refund can be enabled by navigating to Race Dashboard under Participants > Participant Management > Refunds & Refund Policy

By enabling refunds for your race you allow participants to request a refund for your race right from their RunSignup Profile, freeing you as the Race Director up from having to issue any refund requests manually. 

Once you have Refunds enabled for you Race, please review the process for participants to initiate refunds on their end as described here so that you can explain it to your registrants: How To Request a Refund

If you want to learn how to issue refunds from the Race Dashboard, without having the participant initiate the refund, please see our guide on How-To Issue a Refund.

Race Refund Processing Fee

You can set a Race Refund Processing Fee if you would like to give refunds to participants. Fill out this field with the amount of money that you would like to charge the participant for initiating a refund. This will be taken out of the money refunded, and does not require the participant to enter payment information in order to pay for it.

In addition to the Race Refund Processing Fee that you set, RunSignup incurs a $1.00 processing fee for each participant requesting a refund. This charge is to cover the cost of running the credit card information of the participant to send money back into their account.

Cutoff Date

You can set a Cutoff Date which will determine when participants will be able to request refunds up until. If no date is set here your participants will be able to request refunds up until and including the day of the race. Refunds are not allowed after the race day.

Full Refund

If you would like to issue refunds that cover the participant’s original Race Registration Processing Fee that goes to RunSignup, you can choose to cover it out of your own race profits by enabling the Issue Registrants a Full Refund option.

The Race Refund Processing Fee still applies if you have one set. Be aware that this will mean that you will lose money on these refunds, as you are not receiving the amount charged for the original Race Registration Processing Fee.

Percentage Refunds

This option allows you to offer refunds as a percentage - instead of fixed amount. The example below is showing participants are able to request a 15% refund of their amount paid 14 days or less prior to the Event date.

Do NOT Refund for Add-ons

By default Add-Ons are also refunded when a registration is refunded. If you do not want Add-Ons refunded with a registration use this option.

Event Settings

Use Custom Event Settings

You can adjust the cutoff date on a per-event basis by selecting Use Custom Event Settings next to the Event that needs a cutoff date that is different from your other Events. All Events that have “Use Overall Settings” selected will default to the Cutoff Date set earlier in the setup.

Refund Policy

Your Refund Policy can be set whether or not you have Refunds enabled for your Race. This describes what your Race’s refund policy is.

The refund policy is always preceded by “You can immediately clear this transaction by pressing this button within 15 minutes.” If you don’t enter a refund policy, the default message is: “After that all sales are final and there are no refunds.”

Refund Policy Agreement

By default, the refund policy agreement is displayed above the confirmation button at the last page of registration checkout. When registrants submit their payment, this is assumed they read and agreed to your Refund Policy.

You have the option to require registrants to agree with the Refund Policy by inserting a checkbox or by manually entering the initials of the first registrant.

Refund Reserve

Once you have enabled Refunds your Refund Reserve will automatically be enabled. The Refund Reserve is money held back from being paid out to you in order to issue refunds. The Refund Reserve is explained in depth in How-To Set The Refund Reserve