View/Manage Referral Codes

Modified on 23 June


Referral Code Management

Once referral codes are set up, you will be able to track how well each referrer is doing, create new referral codes, edit or delete existing referral codes, and download all referral code information as a CSV.  If you have not yet set up referral tracking, then you can do so by following the steps outlined in the section How to Set Up Referral Tracking.

Manage Referral Codes

Under the Promotion tab of the race dashboard, you can go to the section for Referral Tracking and select Manage Codes.

From there, you will be able to select the Report Type which you would like to view.  This can either be set to the Referral Codes report, or the Referred Registrations report.

Referral Codes Report 

By selecting Referral Codes from the Report Type dropdown, you can view a report that allows you to search, view, and edit existing referral codes, as well as add new referral codes.

Searching Referral Codes

On the report for Referral Codes, you will be able to search for specific referral codes by the Description, E-mail, and/or the Referral Code itself.

The Referrals Since field allows you to search for referral codes which have been used since a certain date (after a certain date), and the Referrals Until field allows you to search for referral codes which have been used until a certain date (before a certain date).

NOTE: If you use either the Referrals Since or the Referrals Until parameters, the results will show only the referral codes that have been used at least once. If you are searching for an unused referral code, then do not use either of these two parameters.

You also have the option to set the dates for Codes Created Since and Code Created Until.  These fields will allow you to search by all codes that have been created, even if they have not been used yet.

Once you have your search settings customized, then you can click Search, and the table below will be updated to show you the referral codes relevant to your search terms.

NOTE: If a registrant is in need of figuring out what their own personal referral code is, then instead of using the search, you could direct them to their registration confirmation email, which will contain this information.  If they have deleted the confirmation email, they can always have it resent, as is explained in the section “How to Resend the Confirmation Email”.  They can also find their referral information in their profile by going to Profile > My Referrals.

Viewing Referral Codes

Below the search, you will have the option to click on View Summary.

This will let you view a Referral Code Summary, which includes the Number of Referral Codes, the Number of Race Page Views, the Number of Sign Up Page Views, the Number of Completed Registration Transactions, and the Number of Completed Registrations.  Here you can also view the Completed Registration Amounts, and the Number of Referral Refunds.  You can view the Number of Physical Referral Refunds; please note that multiple refunds on a single day are merged into one physical refund.  Also, you can view the Estimated Referral Refund Amounts, the Estimated ROI, and the Estimated CPA.

The table will be populated with the results of the search.  By clicking on any of the columns within the table with up/down arrows in it, you can sort the information in either ascending or descending order.

The first column will show you the Description of the referral code, followed by the Type of code it is; User codes indicate an automatically generated registrant’s code, while Other codes indicate manually generated codes.  The email address associated with that code will be listed in the table as well (if applicable), and the Code column will contain all of the unique referral codes.

The next four columns of the table will give you the usage information for each individual referral code.  You will be able to view the totals for Race Page Views, SignUp Page Views, Completed Registrations, and Referral Refunds.

In the Actions column of the table, you will find buttons for Edit, Delete, and Links.

The Edit button allows you to update the referral, by editing the Referral Description and/or the Referral E-mail.  Once you are finished making the necessary changes, click on the button marked Update Referral, and you will receive confirmation that the code was updated.  You can then hit Close, and you will find that the updates on that referral code are now reflected in the table.

The Delete button allows you to remove a referral code.  Once you click on the Delete button in line with any of the referral codes listed in the table, a pop up box will allow you to verify that this is the referral code you need to delete, then you can click on the button marked Delete Referral Code.   You will receive confirmation that the code was deleted, and when you hit Close, you will find that the referral code no longer appears in the table.

The Links button allows you to view the Race Page and Race SignUp Page links with their corresponding referral code included.  These links can be used by the referrer to increase their referral totals.

Downloading Referral Codes

The entire table of referral code information, along with monetary information linked to each referral code, is available for download as a CSV.  This can be done by clicking on Download All as CSV, which is found below the table.

IMPORTANT: This information will be downloaded in its entirety even if search parameters are set.

Creating Referral Codes

In some cases, you may need to manually create a referral code for non-registrants or registrants who signed up with a group.  This can be done by clicking on the button for Add a Referral Code.

NOTE: When registrants sign up as a group, only the first registrant listed will have a referral code created for them.

A box will pop up in which you will need to enter in a Referral Description; this can be something like a registrant’s name or an organization/group name.  Within this box, you will also have the option to include an email address associated with that referral code.

When you are finished, click on the button marked Add Referral, and you will receive confirmation that the code was added, as well as the code itself.  You can then hit Close, and you will find that the new referral code is now listed among those in the table.