Edit Your Race Location

Modified on 02 February

Edit Your Race Location

RunSignup creates a GoogleMap for your race based on your race location. This map is placed on your race info page as well as included in the confirmation email which goes to your runners.

If you go to your race info page then you go to the directions section and review your map:

If you find that the location of the map is not exactly correct, then you can get the exact longitude and latitude for your location and enter that information in the race dashboard.

You can manually find this feature by going to the Race tab, clicking on Race Website, and then clicking Race Location.

Race Coordinates

This is where you can enter in the exact coordinates for latitude and longitude for your race.

You an also enter a custom location description. This will show under the "Place" heading and above the map. 

This can be useful if you are hosting a virtual run and won't have a race location for example. 

If you would like to remove the map from the race info page, then you would want to uncheck the box to show directions to the race on the race page box. 

You also have the option to hide the entire Place section on your race page completely. This can also be useful if you are hosting a virtual event.

Don't forget to check that your map is correct by viewing your race website. This can be done from the race dashboard by clicking "view website":

To learn how to edit your packet pickup location, view this guide