Edit Your Section Layout

Modified on 27 January

Once you have created custom content for your race website, as is explained in How to Add a Custom Section/Page, and you have customized the display of this custom content, as is explained in How to Customize Custom Content Display, then you can edit the order in which sections appear on your race website.

To easily jump to this feature’s dashboard setup page, simply begin typing “Layout” in the Search bar of the Dashboard.

After you have typed in at least three letters, search results will begin to show below the box.

Select Layout from those listed below, and you will be brought directly to the layout arrangement page.  This will look like your normal race page, with a few additional features.

You can also manually find this feature by going to the Race tab, clicking on Race Website, and opening up the section for Layout.

Once on the layout arrangement page, you will find that it looks similar to your normal race page, except it has a bar across the bottom with options for Save Order and Cancel, as well as Up and Down Arrows next to each section heading.

Using the up and down arrows, you can rearrange the order of each section on the race info page,

and once you have the order set as you would like, then you can click on Save Order and a confirmation message will let you know that the changes have been saved.

You can re-enter the layout arrangement mode by clicking on the button for Ordering Race Page Content.

If you want to leave the layout arrangement mode without saving any new changes, then you can click on Cancel.

You can also edit the order in which menu items and sub-menu items appear on your race website, as well as their visibility.  This can be done under the Race tab, by opening up Race Website, and going to the Menu Order feature.  More information on this topic can be found in How to Edit Menu Order and Visibility.