RunSignUp gives races a free website for their race, and allows race directors to organize their content in many different ways. This guide will walk you through how you can customize the display of any custom sections that you have added to your Race Website.

Custom Content Display

If you have added Custom Content to your Race Website, then you will also be able to change the display of these custom sections to either Display on Race Page, Display as Sub-Menu Item, Display as New Menu Item, or to Display on Confirmation E-mail Only by going to Race > Race Page > Custom Content Display

Custom Content Display

Display on Race Page

Displaying Custom Content on the Race Page is the default display of any Custom Content section. This will list your Custom Content on your Race Page along with the rest of your standard race information. You can re-order these sections as explained above in How To Change Race Info Page Layout.

Display as Sub-Menu Item

If you would like your Custom Section to appear beneath an existing Menu Item, you can chose to Display this content as a Sub-Menu Item. When you select the toggle underneath Display as Sub-Menu Item, select the existing Menu Item from the dropdown that you would like this Custom Section to be displayed under.

For instance, if you have a Custom Section with your Packet Pickup information, you may want to display it as a Sub-Menu Item beneath Event Info. If selected it will be displayed as an additional menu when a user clicks on the Event Info option on your Race Website.

Custom Content Display

Display as New Menu Item

If you would like to display your Custom Section as it’s own Menu Item, you can do so by selecting the Display as New Menu Item toggle. If this option is selected your Custom Section will display in the left hand menu on your Race Page.

Note: When you select this option you will notice that you can add other Custom Sections as a Sub-Menu Item beneath this Item. 

New Menu Item

New Menu Item

Display on Confirmation E-mail Only

Additionally you have the options of only showing on your Race’s Confirmation E-mail. By default, your custom section will always show on the Confirmation E-mail, but if you would like it to not display anywhere else you can use this setting to limit its display.