Allow Participants to Change Their Event Selection

Modified on 21 February

How to allow Participants to change their Events

RunSignup allows you as the Race Director to give your Participants the ability to self-manage their Event selection. This is very useful for Races that have multiple races in one day that participants may want to switch between, whether it’s a 5k and 10k, or a fun run with waves that go on throughout the day.

This feature can be found by going to Participants > Participant Management > Event Transfer

Once you have Event transfers enabled for you Race, please review the process for participants to initiate Event Selection Transfers on their end as described here so that you can explain it to your registrants: How-To Transfer to Another Event

If you want to learn how to transfer Participants from the Race Dashboard, without having the participant do it themselves, please see our guide on How-To Switch a Participants Event.

Race Event Transfer Processing Fee

By default, when transferring to a more expensive event, the registrant will automatically pay the difference between the events. The processing fee on the transfer will be calculated from the amount needed to be paid to complete the transfer based on RunSignup's pricing.

In addition to the difference between events, and the RunSignUp processing fee, the race may charge an additional fee for event transfers. The Race will keep this additional fee. If the registrant is transferring to a less expensive event, and there is no Race Event Transfer Processing Fee, the transfer will be free.

Cutoff Date

You can set a Cutoff Date which will determine when participants will be able to change their Event up until. If no date is set here your participants will be able to change their Event selection up until and including the day of the race.

Cutoff Date By Event

You can adjust the cutoff date on a per-event basis by selecting Use Custom Event Settings under the Event Settings section next to the Event that needs a cutoff date that is different from your other Events. All Events that have “Use Overall Settings” selected will default to the Cutoff Date set earlier in the setup.

Transfer Settings

  1. Transfers into full events

    1. By default, Participants will not be allowed to transfer into events that have met their Participant Cap. You can override this by using these checkboxes.
  2. Transfers after Registration has closed

    1. By default, Participants will be able to change their Event after Registration has closed for that Event. You can override this by de-selecting this checkbox.
  3. Transferring Bib and Chip Numbers

    1. By default. Bibs and Chips are not transferred when a Participant changes their Event selection. You can use this feature to move their Bib and Chip along with their Event Transfer. Please note that this option could result in duplicate bib numbers if the bib is already in the new event.

Reapply Discount

Please use this option with caution. The following explains the effects and considerations of turning on this option. 

  • Turning on this option applies the amount of the discount from the original registration to the new registration.
  • If the original registration did have a discount, the participant cannot enter a new coupon on the transfer.
  • The discount amount will be listed in the participant report, but it will not be listed in the coupon reports (however, the original registration is in those reports).

Transfer Cost

If you want to allow event to event transfers without the user having to pay the event price difference when the new event costs more than the user initially paid, you can enable the option below. This is highly discouraged if any of your events have a different cost than the other events.

It is useful in wave or heat races where all events are the same cost. In this case, setting this option will allow for transfers without having to pay the event cost difference if event costs go up or if the original registration included a coupon.

Event-Specific Transfer Costs

You can also set up pricing for specific transfers based on the events involved by using the Add Row button to set up an Event Specific Transfer Cost.

Using the example above, registrant from the half marathon event transferring to the marathon event will incur a transfer cost of $5.00 + difference of events pricing (if the marathon event is priced higher) + standard processing fee.

Prohibits Transfers

By default, registrants are allowed to transfer to any available events. If you would like to prevent registrants from transferring from a specific event to another event, add a row here.

Using the example above, registrants will not be able to transfer from a half marathon event to a marathon event. When registrants select an option to transfer their event, the marathon event option will be grayed out preventing them from selecting the marathon event.